Nadia Ali Remixes

Nadia Ali is the former lead singer of the dance group iiO. She was one half of the duo, working alongside with music producer Markus Moser. They released their debut single, “Rapture (Tastes So Sweet),” in 2001 and it was an instant success. It reached #46 on the US Billboard Hot 100, #2 on the UK Singles chart, and #2 on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. Together, they had a handful of dance hits, and reached #1 with the single “Is It Love.”

After five years, Nadia Ali left the band to focus on a solo career. Needless to say, she has had tremendous success collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry. She has worked with Armin Van Buuren, BT, Morgan Page, Sander Van Doorn, Serge Devant, Sultan & Ned Shepard, Spencer & Hill, Alex Sayz, Starkillers, and Sidney Samson. She has released a full-length album under her name, as well as a trio of remix albums appropriately titled Queen Of Clubs Trilogy. She also released an indie genre album under the name Hylls, in which she collaborated with various Grammy-nominated musicians, whose identities have remained anonymous. And it was in 2009 that Nadia captured her first #1 dance hit on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart with “Love Story.”

My favorite remix of each single by Nadia Ali is listed in chronological order below.

As iiO:

  1. Rapture (Riva Edit)
  2. At The End (Scumfrog Remix)
  3. Smooth (Airbase Radio Edit)
  4. Runaway (Ford Remix Edit)
  5. Kiss You (Frank Bailey Edit)
  6. Is It Love (Kotala Radio Edit)
  7. Chastity (Frank Bailey Remix Edit)
  8. Tantric (Frank Bailey Remix)
  9. Give It Up (Niklas Gustavsson Mix)
  10. The One (Niki McNally’s Seismic Dream Radio Edit)
  11. It’ll Be Like (Justin Johnson & Jamie J Sanchez Ibiza Remix Edit)
  12. IIO Megamix (Markus Moser Remix)


  1. Who Is Watching (with Armin Van Buuren) (Mike Shivers Garden State Mix Edit)
  2. Something To Lose (with John Creamer & Stephane K) (Cedric Gervais Radio Edit)
  3. Crash And Burn (DJ Shah Magic Island Mix)
  4. Love Story (Andy Moor Remix Edit)
  5. 12 Wives In Tehran (with Serge Devant) (Club Mix Edit)
  6. Better Run (with Tocadisco) (Club Radio Edit)
  7. Fine Print (Alex Sayz Radio Edit)
  8. Fantasy (Tritonal Air Up There Radio Edit)
  9. Try (with Schiller) (Thomas Gold Radio Edit)
  10. The Notice (Stonebridge Summer Float Remix Edit)
  11. That Day (with Dresden & Johnston) (Myon & Shane 54 Club Remix Edit)
  12. Rapture 2010 (Gareth Emery Remix Edit)
  13. Not Thinking (Green & Falkner Radio Edit)
  14. Silver Lining (Andretta Radio Edit)
  15. Be Mine (Noel Sanger Remix)
  16. Triangle (Myon & Shane 54 Classic Mix)
  17. Ride With Me (DJ Shogun Remix Edit)
  18. Point The Finger (Lost Stories Remix Edit)
  19. Promises (Walsh & McAuley Remix Edit)
  20. Mistakes (Rassek Remix Edit)
  21. People (Eelke Kleijn People Of The Sun Remix Edit)
  22. Call My Name (with Sultan & Ned Shepard) (Max Graham & Protoculture Radio Edit)
  23. Free To Go (with Alex Sayz) (Le Que & Martin Volt Remix Edit)
  24. Feels So Good (with Armin Van Buuren) (Armin Van Buuren Club Mix)
  25. Pressure (with Starkillers & Alex Kenji) (Alesso Radio Edit)
  26. When It Rains (Radio Edit)
  27. Believe It (with Spencer & Hill) (Cazette’s Androids Sound Hot Radio Mix)
  28. Keep It Coming (with Starkillers) (Basto Radio Edit)
  29. This Is Your Life (with EDX) (Leventina Remix Edit)
  30. Rolling The Dice (with Sander Van Doorn & Sidney Samson) (Album Mix)
  31. Must Be The Love (with Arty & BT) (Au5 Radio Edit)
  32. Carry Me (with Morgan Page) (Timothy Allan & Loverush Radio Edit)
  33. Roxanne (Volldrauf Remix)
  34. All In My Head (Original Mix)
  35. Rapture 2016 (Greg Downey Remix)
  36. Almost Home (Sons Of Maria Remix)
  37. All Over The Place (DJ Tomvai Remix)


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