Captain Hollywood Remixes

The first time I heard “More And More” by Captain Hollywood Project, I instantly had to know more about the band, and find the single and album. Before streaming, this was a challenge. I hit up record stores an hour away from my small hometown, and I found the CD maxi-single, containing a number of remixes. This was the first accomplishment. Finding the second single released on CD maxi-single, and finally a full-length album, was pure musical bliss. That album, Love Is Not Sex, was my favorite album for many many years, and still remains a top favorite of all time.

Once the internet, iTunes, and satellite radio became available, I was able to research and find more great dance music by the genius singer, rapper, dancer, choreographer, and music producer, Captain Hollywood. As much as I love his entire catalog of Captain Hollywood Project music, I can appreciate everything that Tony Dawson-Harrison, aka Captain Hollywood, has been involved in. Total respect for this guy!

As Captain Hollywood Project, Tony would feature a female vocalist on most of his tracks. He began with Nina, aka Nina Gerhard, who is heard on their debut smash, “More And More,” and the follow-up hit, “Only With You.” He also featured Kim Sanders on the debut album, Love Is Not Sex, and Petra Spiegl on Animals Or Humans and The Afterparty. Today, Tony performs his music with singer and dancer Shirin von Gehlen (a.k.a. Shirin Amour). Tony and Shirin are also husband and wife, married in Orlando Florida in 2006.

My favorite remix of each single by Captain Hollywood (and guest vocalists) is listed in chronological order below.

  1. Debora (with T.T. Fresh) (Radio Version)
  2. Tribute To James B (with B.P.M.) (LL Lupo’s DJ Mix)
  3. Soul Sister (Heavy Single Edit)
  4. Shirley (US Remix)
  5. I Can’t Stand It (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Bruce Forest Club Remix Edit)
  6. Are You Dreaming (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Nightmare Mix Edit)
  7. Rock Me (Single Version)
  8. You Can Make Me Feel Good (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Single Version)
  9. Do That Thing (Original Version)
  10. More And More (feat. Nina) (SoBe Mix)
  11. Only With You (feat. Nina) (Fantasy Remix)
  12. All I Want (Garcia Pop Mix)
  13. Impossible (feat. Kim Sanders) (Original Club Mix)
  14. Rhythm Of Life (MK Remix Edit)
  15. Flying High (God’s Groove Remix)
  16. Find Another Way (feat. Petra Spiegl) (Felix J Gauder Remix)
  17. The Way Love Is (feat. Petra Spiegl) (Norman Remix)
  18. Over And Over (feat. Petra Spiegl) (D-Generator Remix)
  19. Love And Pain (feat. Petra Spiegl) (House And Pain Radio Mix)
  20. The Afterparty (feat. Petra Spiegl) (Extended Club Mix)
  21. Homeless (as Tony D) (Radio Edit)
  22. Danger Sign (Single Cut)
  23. Axel F 2003 (with Murphy Brown) (Captain Hollywood Bootleg Mix)
  24. Flying High 2003 (Presents Boom Boxx) (CJ Stone Club Mix)
  25. You Are A Superstar (with Boom Boxx) (Single Version)
  26. More And More 2008 (Recall) (Mike MD & Chris Rockford Remix Edit)
  27. It Hurts With You (Club Mix Edit)
  28. More And More 2013 (with Scotty) (CJ Stone Mix)
  29. Heat (Turn Me On) (with Marc Lime & K Bastian) (Radio Edit)
  30. More And More 2017 (Dave Matthias Remix)


  1. Honesty (with Intermission) (Single Mix)
  2. The Reason Is You (Original Version)
  3. Until All Your Dreams Come True (Radio Version)
  4. In Her Shoes (Late Night Version)
  5. I Dare (Original Version)
  6. Can’t Stop This Feeling (Radio Edit)
  7. Wanna Feel So Good (Radio Edit)
  8. Mr. Big Star (with Markus Nikolai) (Lance ‘Land Shar’ Desardi Vox Mix)
  9. Dance Electric (with Pete Gooding) (DeeJay Bay Remix)


  1. Show Me (Radio Mix)
  2. Next Time (I Promise) (with Flame) (Radio Edit)
  3. Hold On (with Loft) (3 Nuts Remix)
  4. Ride (Radio Version)
  5. Tell Me That You Want Me (Dorian 3 A.M. Final Mix Edit)
  6. Out Of My Head (with Steven Levis Project) (Radio Edit)
  7. Jealousy (Radio Mix)
  8. Pay No Mind (with Culture Beat) (Radio Edit)
  9. Rendez-Vous (with Culture Beat) (Original Version)
  10. You Belong (with Culture Beat) (Radio Edit)
  11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (with Culture Beat) (Original Version)
  12. Food For Thought (Truby Trio Treatment Radio Mix)
  13. Dancing With Loneliness (with Schiller) (Sono’s Fairground Remix Edit)
  14. Distance (with Schiller) (Original Version)
  15. Something About You (Album Version)
  16. Tricky (Album Version)
  17. I Know (with Schiller) (Album Version)
  18. I Saved You (with Schiller) (Mark Knight Drug Music Paradoxxx Team Remix)
  19. Nature Boy (with Till Brönner & Don Grusin) (Album Version)
  20. Let Me Love You (with Schiller) (Radio Edit)
  21. Forever (with Schiller) (Original Version)
  22. Delicately Yours (with Schiller) (Hokkaido Remix Edit)
  23. Under My Skin (with Schiller) (Album Version)
  24. All That She Wants (Live Version)
  25. Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down (Live Version)
  26. Killing Me Softly With His Song (Live Version)
  27. Haunted (Original Version)
  28. In The Air Tonight (Original Version)


  1. T-Fobia (with Body Heat feat. Lava Rouge) (Airscape Vocal Edit)
  2. Do You Want Me (with Lava Rouge) (Single Mix)
  3. Angels (with Boccaccio Life) (Vocal Version)

NANCE (of Twenty 4 Seven):

  1. Slave To The Music (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Ultimate Dance Single Mix)
  2. Is It Love (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Radio Edit)
  3. Take Me Away (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Single Mix)
  4. Leave Them Alone (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Radio Edit)
  5. Oh Baby! (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Single Version)
  6. Keep On Tryin’ (with Twenty 4 Seven) (Single Mix)
  7. Love Is… (TV Edit)
  8. Big Brother Is Watching You (Radio Mix)
  9. Kiss It! (Radio Mix)
  10. He’s My Favourite DJ! (Extended Radio Mix)
  11. Miss You! (Single Edit)
  12. De Laatste En De Eerste (with Henk Westbroek) (Original Version)
  13. If U Wanna Dance (Radio Edit)
  14. Higher (with Jockeyboys) (Stephan F Remix Edit)
  15. Higher 2K16 (with Jockeyboys) (Ray NR Remix)


  1. Only With You 2009 (Paraisko feat. Oar Sibony) (Radio Mix)


  • 1999 (Qba feat. Nina) (any version)
  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.