Welcome to Remix Catalog, a website designed specifically for dance music lovers, and fans of club music and dance remixes. My name is Steven and I am one of those club remix enthusiasts. Dance music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. And according to my parents, I was dancing at the mere age of two (and yes, there is proof of that).

Dance music has always been my passion, my rock, my addiction. It is a form of escape for me. I can close my eyes and feel like the world is nothing but a dancefloor.

I have very vivid memories of the early 90’s listening to local radio stations, and being glued to segments that included dance music and club remixes. For instance, my favorite weekend broadcast was The Open House Party with DJ John Garabedian. This was a weekend live request show focusing on Top 40 mainstream hits, and featuring a lot of electronic music.¬† This was my opportunity to catch up on the biggest and current dance club hits at the time, as electronic music and remixes were not always heard on local airwaves. My favorite segment of the night was probably the Satellite Megamix. John Garabedian would introduce three different DJ’s from different locations, and each DJ would pick a club hit and then all three would be mixed together in the form of a megamix. This is when I had my finger on the record button, ready to record the megamix on a blank cassette. Good times!

Aside from The Open House Party, I ritually listened to Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 as well as Casey Kasem’s American Top 40. This got me interested in the charts and how the hits were tabulated and configured. I found it fascinating and disappointing at the same time. Why wasn’t dance music more of an influence on Top 40? Well, I was determined to change that. I started a huge collection of dance music that included maxi-single CD’s (just as CD’s started becoming popular), import CD’s, 12 inch records, DJ only promo CD’s, and a lot of the remix compilation albums (Dance Mix USA volumes, and rare remix CD’s). I even started making my own mix tapes, and played them in the car. So whenever I had friends riding in the car with me, they would hear the music and request copies of my homemade mix tapes. If it helped spread the word on dance music, I was more than happy to oblige.

Throughout my college years, when the internet boom hit and I discovered internet radio, I found myself listening to stations primarily built around the dance genre. There were stations from all across the globe, and from that moment I just knew technology was going to change the music industry tremendously. I was introduced to so many new dance artists, groups and DJ’s that had been around for years but never heard in the US. I felt like I had been missing so much as a result of the limited access in our country. Now was the time to evolve and grow. I eventually started keeping a record of all the new music I was discovering, and kept my own miniature music chart as an homage to my passion.

As I learned more about the computer industry and the quickly growing advancement in technology, I decided to study the art of graphic and web design. I eventually designed my own dance music page, trying to reach out to unknown and undiscovered dance artists at the time. I kept the site running for several years, until it became too much for one person to maintain. Hey, I was a struggling college student.

At the same time, I also designed and continually updated a personal website focusing on my portfolio of digital and photography work throughout the years. My love of dance music remained, and continued to grow. So did my weekly collection of new music and rating my favorite dance tracks and remixes. My biggest inspiration to seek out the best remixes and then challenge each track to compete for the top spot came from an actual chart ranking called the US Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart.¬†While that particular chart has been placed on an indefinite hiatus (due to the COVID pandemic of 2020 shutting down clubs all across the country), other Billboard Dance charts are now tabulating our best dance records. There are also some fun independent charts like Global Dance (GDC40), Starfleet Music Pool, UK’s Official Dance Singles Chart, and House Of Pride Radio Chart, just to name a few.

After much thought and consideration, I felt it necessary to share my experiences and interests with the world once again. So here I am introducing a brand new blog, all about dance music and my personal opinions of all subjects dance music related. So with the latest in blog development, I can now share my opinions and have them available on many different platforms, allowing greater access to those individuals with the same interests, and making it more interactive with comments and social media links. Greater times!

So welcome to my page, and I hope you’ll become a regular visitor. Thanks for reading!