Martha Wash Remixes

Martha is a legend in the dance music industry, and most people don’t even know it. I grew up with her voice on numerous dance records, without even knowing her name or her face. And there’s a simple reason why… her ability to carry a note was considered more important than her image. You might think that’s a positive note, but however it was the image-blasting greed that kept her hidden in the shadows.

The 80’s was the birth of house music and the MTV music video channel. The two seemed to coincide in a culture war where a good song had to have a top notch model representing the voice behind the song. So this inspired musicians to create music with real vocal talent but misrepresent that voice with fake lip-synching presenters (e.g. Milli Vanilli). Therefore, groups like Black Box and C+C Music Factory began using demo recordings sung by Martha Wash (one-half of the original duo The Weather Girls), and then placing a fraudulent front-woman into the corresponding music videos and concerts. Without giving Miss Wash her due credit at the time, I might add. Luckily, all has been revealed and she is recognized and honored for her outstanding contributions to the dance music genre.

My favorite remix of each single by Martha Wash is listed in chronological order below.


  1. Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven (Robbie Leslie Dance Mix Edit)
  2. Got The Feeling (MC Bones & Tim Benjamin Remix Edit)
  3. Just Us (Original Version)
  4. Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh (Buddy Brundo Dance Mix Edit)
  5. One-Sided Love Affair (Club Mix)
  6. I Depend On You (Extended Mix Edit)
  7. It’s Raining Men (Moz Morris RazorTrax vs Hot Tracks Mix)
  8. Success (Larger Than Life Mix)
  9. I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair (7 Inch Version)
  10. Ladies Hot Line (12 Inch Mix)
  11. Well-A-Wiggy (12 Inch Extended Remix)
  12. No One Can Love You More Than Me (12 Inch Extended Remix)
  13. Love You Like A Train (Original Version)
  14. Land Of The Believer (Original Version)

As part of other musicians:

  1. (You’re My One And Only) True Love (with Seduction) (The Clivilles & Cole Vocal Club Mix)
  2. I Don’t Know Anybody Else (with Black Box) (DJ Lelewel Mix)
  3. Everybody Everybody (with Black Box) (House Project Remix)
  4. Fantasy (with Black Box) (Big Band Remix)
  5. Get Down (with Black Box) (Party Remix)
  6. Gonna Make You Sweat (with C+C Music Factory) (12 Inch Cole Hip House Club Mix)
  7. Strike It Up (with Black Box) (909 Symphonic Mix)
  8. Open Your Eyes (with Black Box) (Mirko’s Mix)
  9. Hold On (with Black Box) (Marco Trani vs SKDJ Vocal Remix Edit)

Solo and Collaborations:

  1. Carry On (Tee’s Radio Edit)
  2. Give It To You (David Morales’ Momo Klub Mix)
  3. Runaround (Tee’s 12 Inch Mix)
  4. So Whatcha Gonna Do (Original Version)
  5. Leave A Light On (Lello Russo Rework Mix)
  6. Just Us (Singin’) (Todd Terry Album Edit)
  7. People C’mon (with DJ Disciple & The Banji Boys) (Vocal Mix)
  8. Do You Wanna Get Funky (with C+C Music Factory, Zelma Davis, Trilogy) (C.J.’s Full Length Remix)
  9. I Found Love (with C+C Music Factory) (C+C Underground Club Mix)
  10. Takin’ Over (with C+C Music Factory) (Benji Candelario’s Club Mix)
  11. Hold On Tight (with Lambda) (Jason Nevins Meets MW Club Mix Part A)
  12. Keep On Jumpin’ (with Todd Terry & Jocelyn Brown) (Tee’s Freeze Mix)
  13. Something Going On (with Todd Terry & Jocelyn Brown) (Stonebridge Vocal Mix)
  14. Ready For A New Day (with Todd Terry) (Hani’s Num Club Remix)
  15. It’s Raining Men… The Sequel (with RuPaul) (Eric Kupper’s Super Popalicious Club Mix)
  16. Catch The Light (Sound Factory Remix)
  17. Come (Hex Hector Maximum Room Remix Edit)
  18. Listen To The People (with Small Voices Calling) (Haarmeyer Anthem Mix Edit)
  19. Let The Spirit (Joe Carrano & Junior Vasquez Mixshow Edit)
  20. You Lift Me Up (Digital Fingers Remix Edit)
  21. Keep Your Body Working (with Tony Moran) (Bassmonkeys Club Mix)
  22. Everybody Everybody 2008 (with Black Box) (Kinky Roland Balearic Remix Edit)
  23. Keep Me…! (with Starchaser) (Fatblock Remix)
  24. It’s My Time (Papercha$er Radio Mix)
  25. Carry On 2013 (with F4LKO) (Original Version)
  26. I’m Not Coming Down (Tony Moran Radio Mix)
  27. Dream On (Zero Six vs SKDJ Remix Edit)
  28. Can I Get An Amen (with RuPaul) (Revolucian Remix)
  29. Free People (with Tony Moran) (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Radio Edit)
  30. Show Some Love (as First Ladies of Disco) (John LePage & Brian Cua Remix)
  31. Keep On Jumpin’ 2015 (with Toddy Terry & Jocelyn Brown) (Andrea Raffa Remix)
  32. Catch The Light 2015 (Josh Hussaney Mix)
  33. N2U (with Showtek & Eva Shaw) (Eva’s 90s Mix)
  34. Catch The Light 2016 (with Demarkus Lewis) (Deez Re-Wash Mix)
  35. I Don’t Know Anybody Else 2017 (with Black Box) (2017 Album Remix)
  36. I Didn’t Know (with Serhat) (Cutmore Radio Remix)
  37. Come Into The Light (Shine On) (with Tom Humbert) (Original Version)
  38. Don’t Stop Me Now (as First Ladies of Disco) (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
  39. Jumpin’ 2021 (with Todd Terry & Jocelyn Brown) (Giovi Remix)


  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.