Samantha Fox Remixes

Samantha Fox is a sexy siren from London England, who made her impact all across the world as a singer, songwriter, actress and former Playboy model. She was the most popular pin-up girl of the 80’s, and was awarded the Page 3 Girl of All Time by the British tabloid The Sun in 2008.

It was in 1986 that she launched her music career with her debut single “Touch Me (I Want Your Body),” which peaked at #1 in 17 countries (#4 in the US). In the US alone, she racked up six Top 100 hits, and many more in the UK.  She came close to having a #1 on the US Billboard Dance Club chart when she hit #2 with “I Wanna Have Some Fun” in 1988. To date, she has released six full-length studio albums, and a number of remix compilations.

I would love to see Sam in concert someday, but I’m not sure when she’ll visit the US again. Until then, I’ll have to settle for watching her live performances on YouTube. Come to the US! Please! This is me begging, by the way.

My favorite remix of each single by Samantha Fox is listed in chronological order below.

  1. Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (Matt Pop Unofficial Remix Edit)
  2. Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) (Vixen Mix Edit)
  3. Hold On Tight (Extended Version)
  4. I’m All You Need (Single Remix)
  5. Suzie, Don’t Leave Me With Your Boyfriend (Single Remix)
  6. Wild Kinda Love (Remix)
  7. Rockin’ With My Radio (Extended Version)
  8. Aim To Win (Extended Version)
  9. Holding (Extended Version)
  10. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now (Cub Mix Edit)
  11. I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night) (12 Inch Remix Edit)
  12. Fox Hunt Mix (Megamix by Goeff Hunt)
  13. I Promise You (Get Ready) (Stan Shaw Remix Edit)
  14. True Devotion (1987 New Mix)
  15. Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) (Full Force Naughty House Mix)
  16. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Bastone Radio Mix)
  17. Love House (7 Inch Remix)
  18. I Wanna Have Some Fun (Extended Version)
  19. I Only Wanna Be With You (Extended Mix)
  20. Your House Or My House (Extended Version)
  21. You Started Something (12 Inch Mix)
  22. Lovin’ Don’t Grow On Trees (Bryan Chuck Extended Mix)
  23. All I Wanna Do (with Full Force) (Full Force Remix)
  24. Too Late To Say Goodbye (12 Inch Remix)
  25. (Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But The Pants Stay On (DJ Pierre Remix)
  26. Another Woman (Too Many People) (Harding Curnow Remix)
  27. Don’t Wait Up (Liz Winstanley Extended Version)
  28. That’s What Love Can Do (Matt Pop Extended Mix Edit)
  29. A Second Chance (Matt Pop Extended Mix Edit)
  30. Love To Love You Baby (Lee’s House Mix)
  31. Go For The Heart (as Sox) (Team 3 Radio Remix)
  32. Santa Maria (Original Extended Version)
  33. Deeper And Deeper (Ground Control Mix)
  34. Let Me Be Free (Extended Version)
  35. The Reason Is You (Drop Dishes Remix Edit)
  36. Perhaps (Sleaze Sisters Remix)
  37. Watching You (Ground Control Mix)
  38. Wasted NRG (Trance Mix)
  39. Touch Me 2004 (with Gunther) (Radio Edit)
  40. Sugar (with Superchumbo) (Extended Mix Edit)
  41. The Winner Takes It All (DJ Sam Fox Remix Edit)
  42. Angel With An Attitude (DJ Sam Fox Remix Edit)
  43. I Give Myself To You (Pete Hammond Remix)
  44. To Be Heard (Extended Remix Edit)
  45. The Power (DJ Sam Fox Remix)
  46. You And Me (DJ Sam Fox Remix Edit)
  47. Nice And Slow (Extended Remix Edit)
  48. Naughty Girls Need Love Too 2006 (Solar City Radio Mix)
  49. A Question Of Honour (Original Version)
  50. Touch Me 2007
  51. Midnight Lover (Lounge Mix Edit)
  52. Tomorrow (with Marc Mysterio) (Tony Verdult Massive Mix Edit)
  53. Touch Me (I Want Your Body) 2009 (Sleaze Sisters Radio Mix)
  54. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now 2009
  55. Call Me (with Sabrina) (Andrea T. Mendoza vs. Tibet Remix)
  56. Forever (with 4 Strings) (Other Mix)
  57. I Should Have Known Better (Original Edit)
  58. London To Lawtown (with Bylli Crayone) (Original Edit)
  59. The Secret (with Zante Dilemma) (Extended Mix)
  60. Call Me 2012 (with Sabrina) (Stefy de Cicco Remix)
  61. Dance Dance, Throw Ur Hands Up In The Air (with Full Force) (Sleaze Sisters Radio Mix)
  62. Hot Stuff (PJ’s Club Remix Edit)
  63. Touch Me 2016 (Extended Mix)
  64. It’s You (Nick Harvey Club Mix Edit)
  65. Hot Boy (Jenkki Remix)


  • Touch Me 2016 (Pimp & Jam Mix)
  • Just One Night (any remix)
  • Spirit Of America (any remix)
  • La Isla Bonita (any remix)
  • …remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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