Ray Isaac Remixes

Ray Isaac is an Australian singer, songwriter, and DJ who has found significant success in the dance industry. Not only does he record his own music, but he also creates House-style pop music dance remixes of other artist’s music. For both of those reasons, I’m obviously a big fan. In 2015, he wrote a track for Bob Sinclar called “Feel The Vibe,” which went on to hit #1 on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

Ray has a prominent presence on social media platforms and music websites. Upon further research, I was able to find some great demos and remakes of songs made famous by other artists. His unique ability to give life to older music is a talent all his own. I’m also stoked that he remade one of my favorite tracks by my favorite artist, Madonna. He took her original 1985 ballad, “Crazy For You,” and turned it into a dance pop celebration.

Follow Ray on Instagram @littlerayisaac and on Twitter @rayisaac. You can also follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/littlerayisaac. His official website is www.rayisaac.com.

My favorite remix of each single by Ray Isaac is listed in chronological order below.

  1. I Don’t Give A Damn (with Nick Jay) (Middle Level Club Mix)
  2. Such A Fool (with FM Project) (Samuel Blacher Remix)
  3. Part Time Lover (with FM Project) (Original Version)
  4. Hear Me (Original Version)
  5. Freaky Tonight (with Meat & Drink) (Scott Sharp Remix)
  6. Four To The Floor (with Dario Nuñez) (Original Mix)
  7. Mess U Made (Christian De Hugo Remix)
  8. In And Out (with Roma Pafos) (RunRun Remix)
  9. Stand By Me (with Robbie Rivera) (Original Version)
  10. U Want Or U Don’t (Alexdoparis Radio Edit)
  11. Believe Me (Andrew Ddm Remix)
  12. Your Night (with Darren Bailie) (Guru Project vs TwiceNice Mix)
  13. Find You (with Audiobotz) (Knights Of Tokyo Remix)
  14. Catch Me (with Marco Carpentieri) (Onur Camur Remix)
  15. Away (with John Sellem) (Original Radio Edit)
  16. Hold Me Back (with The House Rejects) (Vocal Version)
  17. Who I Am (Brian McCombs Club Mix)
  18. Fired Up! (Original Version)
  19. Heal Your Scars (Original Version)
  20. East Side Story (Original Version)
  21. U Can’t Stop Me Dancing (Original Version)
  22. The Cure (Original Version)
  23. Travolta (Original Version)
  24. Hiding (Funk3d Remix)
  25. No (Original Version)
  26. Fast Car (Original Version)
  27. When Doves Cry (Original Version)
  28. Universo (with TICLI & GAS, Felipe Romero, Be1) (Proyecto Fm Remix)
  29. Closer (with Candace Moore) (Rinaldo Montezz Remix)
  30. We Stand United (feat. Fly Young Red & Sydney Gay Lesbian Choir) (Mr Mig Pride Remix)
  31. Prove I Love Ya (Dance Remix)
  32. Mother Mary Song (Ya Oum Allah) (Original Version)
  33. Crazy For You (Lola’s Haus Radio Mix)


  • I Don’t Give A Damn (with Nick Jay) (Dirt Brothers Remix)
  • Lose Yourself (with Verdugo Brothers) (any remix)

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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