Madonna Remixes 90s-00s

Madonna is an icon in the dance music industry. She continues to be the leader of worldwide dance hits, and the reigning champion of number one singles on the US Billboard Dance Club Hits chart. Over the years, her music has been remixed by so many producers and DJs that her catalog of hits is indescribably immaculate. Accordingly, I have split up the list into different posts, separating them by decade and album era.

The following is a list of my favorite remixes of every Madonna single, including album cuts and unreleased tracks, in chronological order. This list is entirely of my own opinion, and will be updated regularly to include new singles, new remixes, and new favorites.

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Ray Of Light era:

  1. Frozen (Victor Calderone Remix Edit)
  2. Ray Of Light (Victor Calderone Edit)
  3. Drowned World (Substitute For Love) (BT & Sasha Bucklodge Ashram Radio Mix)
  4. Sky Fits Heaven (Sasha’s The Drug Fits Face Mix Edit)
  5. The Power Of Goodbye (M-DimA Remix Edit)
  6. Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 Remix Edit)
  7. Skin (The Collaboration Remix Edit by Peter Rauhofer & Victor Calderone)
  8. Swim (Cleo & Pander Radio Edit)
  9. Candy Perfume Girl (Marco Sartori Remix Edit)
  10. Shanti Ashtangi (Dubtronic Cosmos Remix Edit)
  11. To Have And Not To Hold (Marco Sartori & Dubtronic Remix)
  12. Little Star (Idaho’s Juice Vibe Mix Edit)
  13. Mer Girl (Dubtronic Smokin’ Remix)
  14. Has To Be (Ornique Club Remix)
  15. Revenge (Tenzen vs SKDJ Remix)
  16. Like A Flower (Mi Abandono A Ti) (with Laura Pausini) (Sartori & DJ D’Luxe Remix)
  17. I’ll Be Gone (Chillerz Cool Exit Radio Edit)
  18. Be Careful (Pulse Caution Radio Edit)
  19. Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazon) (Marco Sartori Remix)
  20. Bittersweet (Idaho’s Drunken Haze Remix Edit)

The Next Best Thing era:

  1. Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Radio Mix)
  2. American Pie (Richard Humpty Vission Radio Mix)
  3. Time Stood Still (Deep’s Lite Radio Mix)

Music era:

  1. Music (HQ2 Radio Mix)
  2. Don’t Tell Me (Thunderpuss Radio Mix)
  3. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Thunderpuss Radio Mix)
  4. Impressive Instant (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)
  5. Amazing (Marco Sartori Remix)
  6. Runaway Lover (Victor Caderone Remix Edit)
  7. I Deserve It (Dubtronic Fallen Down Remix Edit)
  8. Nobody’s Perfect (Marco Sartori Remix)
  9. Paradise (Not For Me) (Dubtronic Remix Edit)
  10. Gone (Marco Sartori Remix Edit)
  11. Cyberraga (William Orbit Remix)
  12. Lo Que Siente La Mujer (C-Dub’s Ritmo Azul Remix Edit)
  13. Liquid Love (Dubtronic Liquid Trance Remix Edit)
  14. Run (Idaho’s Think Twice Remix)
  15. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (Idaho’s Fireplace Club Remix Edit)
  16. Arioso (Idaho’s Connaisseur Remix Edit)

American Life era:

  1. Die Another Day (Deepsky Radio Edit)
  2. American Life (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)
  3. Hollywood (Oakenfold Remix Edit)
  4. Into The Hollywood Groove (feat. Missy Elliott) (Peter Rauhofer Unreleased Remix Edit)
  5. Me Against The Music (with Britney Spears) (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Edit)
  6. Nothing Fails (Peter Rauhofer’s Lost In Space Edit)
  7. Nobody Knows Me (L.E.X. Remix Edit)
  8. Love Profusion (The Passengerz Club Mix Edit)
  9. Mother And Father (Johnny Rocks World Anthem Radio Edit)
  10. Easy Ride (Tracy Young Remix Edit)
  11. I’m So Stupid (Ornique Remix)
  12. Intervention (Late New Day Remix)
  13. X-Static Process (Junior Vasquez Remix Edit)
  14. Is This Love (Idaho’s Arpeggiator Remix Edit)
  15. I’m In Love With Love (Idaho’s Nevins Style Mix)
  16. Imagine (Marco Sartori Unofficial Remix Edit)

Confessions On A Dance Floor era:

  1. Hung Up (Tracy Young’s Get Up And Dance Groove Edit)
  2. Sorry (Bill Hamel Radio Mix)
  3. Get Together (Danny Howells & Dick Trevor Funk Mix Edit)
  4. Jump (A-Move Remix Edit)
  5. Future Lovers (Cleo’s Whispered Brilliance Mix)
  6. I Love New York (Cleo’s Funny Acid Groove Mix Edit)
  7. Let It Will Be (Dubtronic & Sartori Remix Edit)
  8. Forbidden Love (Cleo’s Future Electro House Remix Edit)
  9. How High (Dubtronic & Marco Sartori Remix Edit)
  10. Isaac (Maxim Andreev vs SKDJ Remix Edit)
  11. Push (Cleo’s Dancing on Puberty Remix Edit)
  12. Like It Or Not (Pander’s Flirting With Matahari Remix Edit)
  13. Fighting Spirit (Cleo vs Haji & Emanuel Club Mix Edit)
  14. Super Pop (Mirwais Remix)
  15. History (Cleo’s Hypnotized Electro Mix Edit)
  16. Triggering (Your Senses) (Archagdas’ November Remix)
  17. Keep The Trance (Cleopatra’s Power Remix Edit)

Hard Candy era:

  1. Hey You (Cleo’s Celebrating The World Remix Edit)
  2. Sing (with Annie Lennox) (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
  3. 4 Minutes (with Justin Timberlake) (Peter Saves New York Remix Edit)
  4. Give It 2 Me (Oakenfold Remix Edit)
  5. Miles Away (Johnny Vicious Club Mix Edit)
  6. Candy Shop (Cleopatra’s Sex Shop Latina Radio Edit)
  7. Heartbeat (Thee Werq’n Bitches Remix Edit)
  8. She’s Not Me (Johnnie’s Sweet Beat vs SKDJ Remix Edit)
  9. Incredible (Loveblonde Beach Party Remix Edit)
  10. Beat Goes On (feat. Kanye West) (Deejay Senol Aycan Remix Edit)
  11. Dance 2Night (feat. Justin Timberlake) (Peter Rauhofer vs SKDJ Vocal Remix Edit)
  12. Spanish Lesson (Luin’s Hard Candy Remix Edit)
  13. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You (Gustavo Scorpio Private Mix Edit)
  14. Voices (Marco Sartori Remix)
  15. Get Stupid (Klimis Ioannidis Remix Edit)
  16. Pala Tute (BrandonUK Yuga Get On It Mashup Mix Edit)
  17. Across The Sky (Dubtronic Sky-Rain Remix Edit)
  18. Animal (Donny’s Primitive Mix)
  19. Infinity (Lukesavant Remix Edit)
  20. The Beat Is So Crazy (with Eve & Pharrell Williams) (Robert Moreno Extended Remix)

Celebration era:

  1. Celebration (Johnny Vicious Club Remix Edit)
  2. Revolver (Tracy Young Radio Edit)
  3. It’s So Cool (Oakenfold Demo Mix Edit)
  4. Broken (I’m Sorry) (E39 NYC Club Remix Edit)

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  • Gone Gone Gone (any remix)
  • La Petite Jeune Fille (Little Girl) (any remix)
  • Set The Right (any remix)
  • The Game (any remix)
  • Miss You (any remix)
  • If You Go Away (any remix)
  • Boum (any remix)
  • Ring My Bell (any remix)

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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