Madonna Remixes 80s-90s

Madonna is an icon in the dance music industry. She continues to be the leader of worldwide dance hits, and the reigning champion of number one singles on the US Billboard Dance Club Hits chart. Over the years, her music has been remixed by so many producers and DJs that her catalog of hits is indescribably immaculate. Accordingly, I have split up the list into different posts, separating them by decade and album era.

The following is a list of my favorite remixes of every Madonna single, including album cuts and unreleased tracks, in chronological order. This list is entirely of my own opinion, and will be updated regularly to include new singles, new remixes, and new favorites.

Madonna debut-album era:

  1. Everybody (Stuart Price Remix)
  2. Burning Up (OK James Factor 50 Remix)
  3. Holiday (Jellybean Remix Single Edit)
  4. Lucky Star (Gavin Edom Remix)
  5. Borderline (Matt Pop Remix Edit)
  6. I Know It (Dubtronic’s Take Your Love And Run Remix Edit)
  7. Think Of Me (Mission Groove Remix Edit)
  8. Physical Remix (Ray Isaac Remix)
  9. Sidewalk Talk (with Jellybean & Catherine Buchanan) (C-Dub’s Wild Rumour Remix Edit)

Like A Virgin era:

  1. Like A Virgin (Marco Sartori Summer Remix)
  2. Material Girl (AJ’s Funky Bass Remix)
  3. Crazy For You (Junior Vasquez Arena Anthem Edit)
  4. Angel (James Farber Remix)
  5. Into The Groove (Shep Pettibone Remix Edit)
  6. Dress You Up (Stuart Price Remix)
  7. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (CL McSpadden & Markus Schulz Hot Mix Edit)
  8. Over And Over (Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero Remix Edit)
  9. Shoo-Bee-Doo (AJ’s Dance Remix Edit)
  10. Pretender (Mission Groove Remix Edit)
  11. Stay (Mission Groove Remix Edit)
  12. Gambler (Lukesavant vs SKDJ New Tempo Remix Edit)
  13. Billie Jean (OK James Be Careful Who U Love Mix)

True Blue era:

  1. Live To Tell (Omerta Deep Rework Mix Edit)
  2. Papa Don’t Preach (AJ’s Alternative Pop Remix)
  3. True Blue (Leonidas DeeJay True Love Edit)
  4. Open Your Heart (Matt Pop Club Mix Edit)
  5. La Isla Bonita (BodyAlive Remix)
  6. Where’s The Party (Shep Pettibone Remix Edit)
  7. White Heat (Luin’s Usual Suspects Remix Edit)
  8. Jimmy Jimmy (Luin’s Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Remix Edit)
  9. Love Makes The World Go Round (AJ vs SKDJ Dance Remix Edit)
  10. Each Time You Break My Heart (C-Dub’s Combo Remix)

Who’s That Girl era:

  1. Who’s That Girl (Luin’s Esta Bonita Remix)
  2. Causing A Commotion (Shep Pettibone Movie House Mix Edit)
  3. The Look Of Love (BrandonUK vs Russ Chimes Private Remix Edit)
  4. Can’t Stop (C-Dub’s Spell Of Love Remix Edit)
  5. Santa Baby (OK James Naughty List Mix)
  6. Spotlight (Mission Groove Superstar Remix)

Like A Prayer era:

  1. Like A Prayer (Shep Pettibone Dance Mix Edit)
  2. Express Yourself (Division 4 Radio Edit)
  3. Cherish (AJ Remix)
  4. Oh Father (Opus Remix Edit)
  5. Dear Jessie (Marco Sartori Remix)
  6. Keep It Together (Shep Pettibone Remix Edit)
  7. Love Song (feat. Prince) (Lukesavant Remix)
  8. Till Death Do Us Part (AJ Remix)
  9. Promise To Try (Donny’s Runaway Mix)
  10. Spanish Eyes (Idaho’s Maravilla Remix Edit)
  11. Act Of Contrition (Guyom’s The M Show Studio Mix)
  12. Supernatural (Guyom’s Supaduppa Remix)
  13. Angels With Dirty Faces (C-Dub’s Love Mission Mix)

I’m Breathless era:

  1. Vogue (Barry Harris Remix Edit)
  2. Hanky Panky (Bare Bottom Remix Edit)
  3. Now I’m Following You (Circle Dance Mix)
  4. He’s A Man (OK James Pulled The Trigger Mix)
  5. I’m Going Bananas (C-Dub’s La Chica Esta Loca Club Mix Edit)
  6. Cry Baby (C-Dub’s Outburst Remix Edit)
  7. Something To Remember (Junior Cortez Fully Beat-Us-Up Remix Edit)
  8. Back In Business (C.W. vs SKDJ New Tempo Remix Edit)
  9. What Can You Lose (with Mandy Patinkin) (Luin vs SKDJ Remix Edit)

The Immaculate Collection era:

  1. Justify My Love (William Orbit Alternate Mix)
  2. Rescue Me (Shep Pettibone Alternate Single Mix)
  3. The Beast Within (Cleo’s Wicca Club Mix Edit)
  4. This Used To Be My Playground (Idaho’s Pride & Joy Mix)

Erotica era:

  1. Erotica (Bit Error Rise Above Remix Edit)
  2. Deeper And Deeper (David Morales Klub Mix Edit)
  3. Bad Girl (C-Dub’s Inner Demon Remix Edit)
  4. Fever (Dancefloor Mix)
  5. Rain (Nick Antropov Remix)
  6. Bye Bye Baby (House Radio Mix)
  7. Where Life Begins (EA Remix Edit)
  8. Waiting (Mission Groove Late Night Mix)
  9. Thief Of Hearts (Dubtronic & Marco Sartori Remix Edit)
  10. Words (Idaho’s Louder Than Words Remix Edit)
  11. Why’s It So Hard (Dens54 Ramdam Remix)
  12. In This Life (Dens54 Massive Attack vs SKDJ New Tempo Remix Edit)
  13. Secret Garden (Merging & Emerging Remix)
  14. Goodbye To Innocence (Idaho’s Re-Incarnation Edit)
  15. You Thrill Me (Cleo’s Acid Remix Edit)
  16. Shame (Donny’s Dream Mix)
  17. You Are The One (C-Dub’s No Fear Remix Edit)
  18. Queen’s English (with Jose & Luis) (Beat2Beat Mix)
  19. I’ll Remember (Mixman Mike’s Enduring Love New Tempo Remix)

Bedtime Stories era:

  1. Secret (Junior’s Luscious Single Remix Edit)
  2. Take A Bow (DJ MichaelAngelo’s Prayer Mix)
  3. Bedtime Story (Junior’s Single Mix)
  4. Human Nature (Danny Tenaglia Explicit Runway Club Mix Edit)
  5. Survival (Donny’s Survival Mode Mix Edit)
  6. I’d Rather Be Your Lover (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello) (Luin’s Maximate Remix Edit)
  7. Don’t Stop (Luin’s Groof Remix Edit)
  8. Inside Of Me (Marco Sartori & Dubtronic’s Beloved Mashup Remix Edit)
  9. Forbidden Love (Marco Sartori Remix Edit)
  10. Love Tried To Welcome Me (C-Dub’s Soul Confession Remix Edit)
  11. Sanctuary (Dubtronic Silently Remix)
  12. Let Down Your Guard (Lukesavant Remix)
  13. Your Honesty (Maddy’s Best Policy Vision Remix Edit)
  14. Love Won’t Wait (Junior Vasquez vs SKDJ Remix Edit)

Something To Remember era:

  1. I Want You (Junior’s Club Remix Edit)
  2. You’ll See (TMC Club Remix Edit)
  3. One More Chane (Earthonika Remix Edit)
  4. If You Forget Me (Cleitus T Moment In Paradise Remix)

Evita era:

  1. You Must Love Me (Marco Sartori Remix)
  2. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix)
  3. Another Suitcase In Another Hall (Summer Remix Edit)
  4. Buenos Aires (Te Amo Remix Edit)
  5. Goodnight And Thank You (with Antonio Banderas) (Idaho’s Zaz & Drum vs SKDJ Remix)
  6. I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You (Idaho’s Sexy Remix Edit)
  7. A New Argentina (Idaho’s Delta Blues Mix)
  8. Rainbow High (Idaho’s Hiphop Bandit Remix Edit)
  9. Partido Feminista (Idaho’s Leftfield Remix Edit)
  10. Lament (Idaho’s Salvation Mix)

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  • Ain’t No Big Deal (any remix)
  • I Surrender Dear (with Jennifer Grey) (any remix)
  • More (any remix)
  • Did You Do It (any remix)
  • Up Down Suite (any remix)
  • Freedom (any remix)
  • Guilty By Association (any remix)
  • Waltz For Eva And Che (any remix)
  • I Can’t Forget (any remix)

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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