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Garek is a decorative entertainer in many aspects. He is a musician and musical performer who dives into pop culture and pop music interpretations. Most notably, he has remade a number of hits originally recorded by Britney Spears, as well as some songs by Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Alannah Myles, and Marcy Playground. He also records his own music, and has a unique sound that can be categorized as industrial hardcore pop-rock and electro modern dance.

Garek has released a handful of singles, EP’s, and artistically expressive music videos. He also just recently starred in the musical performance show titled “Make It Toxic,” which includes a variety of Britney Spears tunes that he sings and performs alongside other actors and dancers. The show has received rave reviews, offering some creative and hauntingly graphic imagery.

Follow Garek on Instagram @savegarek and on Twitter @SaveGarek. You can also follow him on Facebook at His official website is

My favorite remix of each single by Garek is listed in chronological order below.

  1. Save The Queen (Abe Clements Dance Remix)
  2. E.T. (Abe Clements Radio Edit)
  3. Cavity (Original Version)
  4. My Animal (Abe Clements Alternate Remix)
  5. Sex And Candy (Original Version)
  6. Goddamn Dizzy Kids (Abe Clements Remix)
  7. Stray (Original Version)
  8. If That’s What It Takes (Original Version)
  9. Silhouettes & Ghosts (Original Version)
  10. Salem (Original Version)
  11. Baby One More Time (Original Version)
  12. Oops!… I Did It Again (Original Version)
  13. Circus (Original Version)
  14. Toxic (Original Version)
  15. Black Velvet (Original Version)
  16. 6-Ft Sex (Original Version)


  • remixes of any song title listed/not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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