Deborah Cox Remixes

Deborah Cox began her career in television commercials at the age of 12. She entered various talent shows in her teenage years before becoming a professional backing vocalist for superstar Celine Dion, since both ladies were born and raised in Canada. At the age of 20, Deborah moved to the United States and started her solo singing career.

Deborah’s debut single, “Sentimental,” reached #27 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. It climbed to #33 on the Dance Club Songs chart. But it was her second single that catapulted her to the top of the chart. With the help of DJ’s’ Junior Vasquez and David Morales, “Who Do U Love” became her first #1 hit on the dance chart. Since then she has ruled the dance charts, being labeled the 23rd Greatest Top Dance Club Artist of All Time, according to Billboard Magazine in 2016.

Whenever I reminisce of the good ol’ days when the clubs were packed, and the dancefloors were hopping, there wasn’t a night that didn’t consist of a Deborah Cox remix or an Amber remix. Those divas were the epitome of a perfect night out on the town with friends, drinks, and dancing. Oh how I miss those days!

My favorite remix of each single by Deborah Cox is listed in chronological order below.

  1. Sentimental (Uptempo Mix)
  2. Who Do U Love (Junior Vasquez DMC Mix)
  3. It Could’ve Been You (David Morales Club Mix Edit)
  4. Just Be Good To Me (Johnny Vicious Radio Edit)
  5. Things Just Ain’t The Same (Hex Hector Club Mix Edit)
  6. Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Remix Edit)
  7. It’s Over Now (Junior Vasquez Anthem Mix Edit)
  8. September (KayGee Remix)
  9. I Never Knew (Hani Remix)
  10. Same Script, Different Cast (with Whitney Houston) (Thunderpuss Radio Edit)
  11. Absolutely Not (Hex Hector Remix Edit)
  12. Up & Down (In & Out) (Solar Suns Global Mix Edit)
  13. Mr. Lonely (Widelife Radio Mix)
  14. Deborah In The Mix (2002 Megamix)
  15. Play Your Part (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Mix)
  16. Starting With You (Danny Sullivan & Kemist Radio Mix)
  17. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (Valentin Radio Mix)
  18. Easy As Life (Tony Moran Club Mix Edit)
  19. Stupid Like U (The Popstar & K.O. Club Mix Edit)
  20. House Is Not A Home (Moran & Rigg Radio Mix)
  21. Everybody Dance (Tony Moran Radio Mix)
  22. Beautiful U R (Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit)
  23. Did You Ever Love Me (De Marko Powerhouse Club Mix)
  24. Leave The World Behind (with Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, & Laidback Luke) (DAZZ Remix)
  25. Can’t Fix Broke (Jerome Farley Floor One Remix Edit)
  26. If It Wasn’t For Love (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix Edit)
  27. Tenderness (with Tony Moran) (Tony Moran Remix)
  28. No Labels Anthem (Original Version)
  29. The Girl From Ipanema (with DJ Ana Paula) (DrewG & Brian Cua Club Remix Edit)
  30. Remember Me (From The Ghetto) (with George Vector) (Radio Edit)
  31. A New Life (Tony Moran Deep Influence Remix Edit)
  32. Someone Like You (James Anthony’s Main Club Mix)
  33. Higher (feat. Paige) (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Mix Edit)
  34. Everywhere (with MYNC & Mario Fischetti) (Danny Mart Reconstruction Mix)
  35. Kinda Miss You (Rosabel Unreleased Remix Edit)
  36. More Than I Knew (Original Version)
  37. My Air (with Offer Nissim) (DJ Jersy MK Club Mix Edit)
  38. All The Man I Need (Tony Moran & Bissen Future Remix)
  39. Let The World Be Ours Tonight (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
  40. It’s Over Now 2017 (Rob Moore & Mark Hagan Radio Mix)
  41. Who Do U Love 2017 (with Division 4) (LA Rush Radio Edit)
  42. Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here 2019 (Joel Dickinson Mirrorball Radio Mix)
  43. Easy Way (Cavalier’s Effortless Remix)


  • Where Do We Go From Here (any remix)
  • The Sound Of My Tears (any remix)
  • We Can’t Be Friends (any remix)
  • Did You Ever Love Me (any remix)
  • Saying Goodbye (any remix)
  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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