Debbie Gibson Remixes

At the young age of 16, Debbie Gibson had her first hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 with “Only In My Dreams.” The single climbed to number 4 on that chart, and #12 on the Dance Club Play Chart. It was her fourth single that would reach the top spot on The Hot 100, and claim her status as the youngest artist to have ever written, produced, and performed a Billboard #1 single. She was 17 when that happened.

She may not have reached the top spot on the Dance Club Play Chart as of yet, but she certainly has a handful of hits to shake your love to. I grew up listening to this talented young artist, and her music conjures up so many great memories of my electric youth.

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My favorite remixes of songs by Debbie Gibson are listed in chronological order below.

  1. Only In My Dreams (Little Louie Vega Dance Remix)
  2. Shake Your Love (Scott Blackwell Club Mix Edit)
  3. Out Of The Blue (Little Louie Vega Club Mix)
  4. Foolish Beat (DJ Randy Remix)
  5. Staying Together (Clivilles & Cole Club Mix Edit)
  6. Debbie Gibson Medley (Mega Mix)
  7. Red Hot (Luin’s Barbecued Mashup Mix)
  8. Wake Up To Love (Luin’s Woho Club Mashup Mix)
  9. Fallen Angel (Luin’s Mashup Remix)
  10. Play The Field (Miss Nina Remix)
  11. Lost In Your Eyes (DJ Ariel Frias Dance Remix)
  12. Electric Youth (Shep Pettibone Remix Edit)
  13. No More Rhyme (Luin’s Phantom Tollbooth Mashup Mix)
  14. Over The Wall (Dub Vocal Version)
  15. We Could Be Together (Hurley’s House Mix Edit)
  16. Who Loves Ya Baby (Luin’s Pop Mashup Mix)
  17. Love In Disguise (Luin’s Love DNA Mashup Mix)
  18. Helplessly In Love (Luin’s Skyfall Mashup Mix)
  19. Anything Is Possible (Harding & Curnow Dance Mix Edit)
  20. This So-Called Miracle (Live In Japan 1991 Version)
  21. One Step Ahead (Masters At Work Hot Radio Mix)
  22. Another Brick Falls (Luin’s Club Mashup Mix)
  23. Losin’ Myself (Masters At Work Mix)
  24. Love Or Lust (Luin’s Heart Or Heat Mashup Mix)
  25. Shock Your Mama (Luin’s Stopwatch Mashup Mix Edit)
  26. How Can This Be (Original Version)
  27. Free Me (Extended Mix)
  28. Love Or Money (Luin’s Feels Or Fees Mashup Mix)
  29. Do You Have It In Your Heart (Luin’s NYC Mashup Mix)
  30. When I Say No (Luin’s Illicit House Mashup Mix)
  31. Little Birdie (Luin’s Happy Prince Mashup Mix)
  32. Kisses 4 One (Luin’s Grown Ups Mashup Mix)
  33. Tear Down These Walls (Luin’s Beyond Barricades Mashup Mix)
  34. You’re The One That I Want (with Craig McLachlan) (Original Version)
  35. Only Words (Junior Vasquez Rave Vocal Mix)
  36. Moonchild (Album Version)
  37. Only In My Dreams 1998 (Junior Vasquez Club Mix Edit)
  38. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (Maxi Pop Mix)
  39. What You Want (Dance Mix)
  40. Your Secret (Mike Rizzo Remix)
  41. M.Y.O.B. (The Alessi Brothers Dance Mix)
  42. Jaded (Luin’s Not So Cynical Mashup Mix)
  43. Wishing You Were Here (Radio Remix)
  44. Cougar (Original Version)
  45. Robinson (DJ Marcos Remix)
  46. Snake Charmer (Original Version)
  47. Electric Youth Reloaded (with Jace Hall) (Original Mix)
  48. RCVR (with Big Black Delta) (Original Version)
  49. Wonderland (Cutting Room Floor Mix)
  50. I Am Peaceman (with Sir Ivan) (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
  51. Shake Your Love 2017 (Luke Mornay Remix)
  52. Electric Youth 2017 (7th Heaven Club Mix)
  53. Your Forever Girl (Original Version)
  54. 80s Baby (with NKOTB, Tiffany, Salt N Pepa, Naughty By Nature) (Original Version)
  55. Girls Night Out (Sean Thomas Girls & Boys Remix)


  • Wishing You Were Here (Junior’s Soundfactory Remix)
  • This So-Called Miracle (any remix)
  • Without You (any remix)
  • One Hand, One Heart (any remix)
  • Sure (any remix)
  • In His Mind (any remix)
  • Eyes Of The Child (any remix)
  • How Can This Be (any remix)
  • You’re The One That I Want (with Craig McLachlan) (any remix)
  • For Better Or Worse (any remix)
  • Didn’t Have The Heart (any remix)
  • Moonchild (any remix)
  • Naturally (any remix)
  • Naked (any remix)
  • Already Gone (any remix)
  • I Love You (any remix)
  • Your Forever Girl (any remix)

*My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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