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ATB is a German DJ known for some of the best trance music in the world. I remember hearing his debut song in clubs across America, and how catchy his music had become. I was instantly a fan, but I became a hardcore fan during his follow-up album, which included lyrics and vocalists giving new life to his music. He collaborates with some exceptional international vocalists, and even remixes other artist’s music. He also releases his own DJ remix compilation albums, including numerous The DJ In The Mix and Sunset Beach DJ Session albums.

Before producing under the name ATB, AndrĂ© Tanneberger was part of a German dance group called Sequential One. At the same time he was collaborating on other projects with Sequential One members Woody Van Eyden and Ulrich Poppelbaum. Those projects include Inferno DJs, Love & Fate, Re-Flex, and U.K.W. He has also worked under a number of aliases including Daniel G. Sarr, Danny Lee, Delegate, Electric Gold, Joan Robinson, Man On Mars, Naughty A.T., and Taylor. He may be a man of many names, but he’s definitely one of a kind.

My favorite remix of each single by ATB is listed in chronological order below.

  1. 9 PM (Till I Come) (feat. Yolanda Rivera) (Sequential One Remix)
  2. Don’t Stop! (feat. Yolanda Rivera) (Sash! Remix)
  3. Killer (with Woody Van Eyden & Drue Williams) (Joe Fandango Remix)
  4. The Summer (DJ Villain Remix)
  5. The Fields Of Love (feat. York) (Airplay Mix)
  6. Let U Go (feat. Roberta Harrison) (Airplay Mix)
  7. Hold You (feat. Roberta Harrison) (Todd Terry’s Radio Edit)
  8. You’re Not Alone (feat. Roberta Harrison) (Airplay Mix)
  9. I Don’t Wanna Stop (feat. Roberta Harrison) (Kenny Hayes Vocal Mix)
  10. Long Way Home (feat. Roberta Harrison) (Clubb Mix)
  11. Sunset Girl (Limited Clubb Mix Edit)
  12. In Love With The DJ (feat. Roberta Harrison) (New Vocal Clubb Mix Edit)
  13. Marrakech (feat. Tiff Lacey) (Revolution Mix)
  14. Ecstasy (feat. Tiff Lacey) (Original Airplay Mix)
  15. Here With Me (feat. Tiff Lacey) (Short Edit)
  16. IntenCity (Short Edit)
  17. Believe In Me (feat. Jan Lochel) (Album Version)
  18. Humanity (feat. Tiff Lacey) (Energy Club Cut)
  19. Let U Go (Reworked) (feat. Jan Lochel) (Airplay Mix)
  20. Summer Rain (feat. Jan Lochel) (132 BMP Mix)
  21. Renegade (feat. Heather Nova) (A&T Short Mix)
  22. Feel Alive (feat. Jan Lochel) (Sunloverz Radio Mix)
  23. Justify (feat. Jennifer Karr) (Short Club Mix)
  24. Desperate Religion (feat. Karen Ires) (Cunningham Remix)
  25. Wrong Medication (feat. Jades) (Club Mix Radio Edit)
  26. What About Us (feat. Jan Lochel) (Club Mix)
  27. L.A. Nights (ATB’s 2010 Energy Club Mix)
  28. Behind (feat. Flanders) (EDX Radio Mix)
  29. Gravity (feat. Haley Gibby) (2010 ATB Club Mix)
  30. 9PM Reloaded (Club Edit)
  31. Could You Believe (feat. Jennifer Karr) (Airplay Mix)
  32. Twisted Love (feat. Cristina Soto) (Distant Earth Vocal Club Version)
  33. Gold (feat. JanSoon) (Golden Fields Airplay Mix)
  34. Apollo Road (feat. Dash Berlin) (A.T. Short Remix)
  35. Move On (feat. JanSoon) (Club Version)
  36. This Is Your Life (feat. Fuldner) (Club Version)
  37. Where You Are (feat. Kate Louise Smith) (Club Version)
  38. All I Need Is You (feat. Sean Ryan) (Club Version)
  39. Heartbeat (with Amurai feat. Melissa Loretta) (ATB’s Deep From The Heart Remix Edit)
  40. Chapter One (with Josh Gallahan) (Club Version)
  41. Killing Me Inside (feat. Sean Ryan) (Josh Gallahan Remix)
  42. One More (feat. Cristina Soto) (Original Edit)
  43. If It’s Love (feat. Melissa Loretta) (Jeziel Quintela, Jquintel & Manufactured Superstars Remix)
  44. White Letters (feat. Melissa Loretta) (DBN Remix)
  45. Never Give Up (feat. Ramona Nerra) (Airplay Mix)
  46. In And Out Of Love (with Rudee feat. Ramona Nerra) (Airplay Mix)
  47. Face To Face (feat. Stanfour) (Rudee Airplay Remix)
  48. When It Ends It Starts Again (feat. Sean Ryan) (Radio Edit)
  49. Raging Bull (with Boss And Swan) (Original Mix)
  50. Now Or Never (feat. JanSoon) (Junkx Remix)
  51. Still Here (feat. Tiff Lacey) (ATB’s Anthem 2014 Version)
  52. The Fields Of Love 2014 (DJ Max Lazarev Deep Remix)
  53. Back To You (with York) (Endless Summer Shortcut Mix – No Vocals)
  54. Flash X (feat. Mike Schmid) (Yoe Mase Remix)
  55. Connected (feat. Andrew Rayel) (Edited Version)
  56. Message Out To You (with F51 feat. Robbin & Jonnis) (Extended Mix)
  57. Pages (feat. Haliene) (Sebastien Remix)
  58. Never Without You (feat. Sean Ryan) (Airplay Mix)
  59. Let U Go 2017 (feat. Roberta Harrison) (Monkey MO Remix)
  60. The Summer 2017 (A-Mase Summer 2K17 Remix)
  61. Body 2 Body (feat. Conor Matthews and Laur) (Extended Mix)
  62. Killer 2018 (with Woody Van Eyden & Drue Willliams) (A-Mase Remix)
  63. Heartbeat (with Marcus Schulz) (Festival Mix)
  64. The Only One (feat. Karra) (Extended Mix)
  65. Wanderer (feat. Gia Koka) (Short Mix)
  66. I Am Only Human (feat. Natalie Major) (Original Mix)
  67. Ecstasy 2020 (feat. Tiff Lacey) (A-Mase Remix)


  • Raging Bull (Richie Romano Remix)

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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