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Army of Lovers is a dance group from Sweden, scoring significant success worldwide in the 90s with hits like “Crucified,” “Obsession,” and “Ride The Bullet.” The original members were a trio comprised of frontmen Jean-Pierre Barda and Alexander Bard, and female vocalist Camilla Henemark (aka La Camilla). When La Camilla left the group in 1991, she was replaced by Michaela de la Cour. Then in 1992, Dominika Peczynski also joined, making the group a foursome. In 1995, Michaela left and La Camilla returned before the group disbanded in 1996. The original trio reunited in 2012.

I can remember when “Crucified” was playing in the US, and the first time I heard it I was mesmerized. The haunting church-choir vocals and the biblical lyrics laid on top of a fast dance beat was hypnotizing and addictive. And to hear the remixes was Christmas all over again.

During the years that Army of Lovers disbanded, the band-members took on other musical projects. Most notably, Alexander Bard, kept himself very busy. He founded the group called Vacuum, then formed the electro-pop group BWO (Bodies Without Organs), and later joined Andreas Öhrn to create the electronic rock duo called Gravitonas. To see my list of favorite Gravitonas remixes, click here.

FUN FACT: The name of the band alludes to a documentary of the German gay rights activist Rosa von Praunheim, called Armee der Liebenden oder Revolte der Perversen.

My favorite remix of each single by Army Of Lovers (and solo projects) is listed in chronological order below.

  1. When The Night Is Cold (The Human Liberation Club Mix)
  2. Shoot That Laserbeam! (The Atomic Meltdown Robbery Mix)
  3. Love Me Like A Loaded Gun (The 1990 Remix)
  4. Baby’s Got a Neutron Bomb (The 1990 Remix)
  5. I Am The Amazon (The 1990 Remix)
  6. Ride The Bullet (Extended Vaganza Mix)
  7. My Army Of Lovers (Pisces Atmosphere Mix)
  8. Scorpio Rising (Glasnostology Mix)
  9. Supernatural (Disco Extravaganza Mix)
  10. Put The Discoteque In Motion (Hotter Than Hellhole Mix)
  11. Crucified (Nuzak Remix)
  12. Obsession (Shizoperetta Remix)
  13. Candyman Messiah (Orthodoxicated Mix)
  14. Judgment Day (Gotterdammerung Mix)
  15. Israelism (Goldcalfhorahhorror Mix)
  16. La Plage De Saint Tropez (Cancanpourbonbondepapa Mix)
  17. Heterosexuality (Garden Of Sweden Mix)
  18. I Am (Superegomaniac Mix)
  19. Lit De Parade (Plaisir De Nirvana Mix)
  20. Sexual Revolution (Double Deejays Remix Edit)
  21. Life Is Fantastic (Scatman John Long Version Remix)
  22. Give My Life (SoundFactory Mix)
  23. Venus And Mars (Antiloop Club Mix)
  24. King Midas (Manhattan Massacre Mix)
  25. Let The Sunshine In (M12 Maximum Club Mix Edit)
  26. Hands Up (SoundFactory Goes Disco Mix)
  27. Rockin’ The Ride (SoundFactory Schizobitch Mix Edit)
  28. Signed On My Tattoo (Alaa Radio Remix)
  29. Crucified 2013
  30. People Are Lonely (SoundFactory Radio Edit)


  1. Everytime You Lie (Killer Version)
  2. Give Me Your Love (Je T’aime) (with Steve Blame) (European Dancemix Radio Edit)
  3. I’m Not In The Mood For Lovers (Single Edit)
  4. Russians Are Coming (with Danko) (Radioaktive Mix)
  5. David And Goliath (with The Neverland Project) (Dance Version)

VACUUM (with Alexander Bard):

  1. I Breathe (Antiloop Out Of Oxygen Radio Edit)
  2. Pride In My Religion (Antiloop Remix Radio Edit)
  3. Tonnes Of Attraction (Antiloop Club Mix Edit)
  4. Let The Mountain Come To Me (Andre’s Boogie Buster Short Mix)

BWO (with Alexander Bard):

  1. Living In A Fantasy (Johan S Remix)
  2. Conquering America (Johan S Radio Remix)
  3. Sixteen Tons Of Hardware (SoundFactory Supersonic Anthem Edit)
  4. Gone (SoundFactory Radio Edit)
  5. Open Door (Paradise Garage Mix)
  6. Sunshine In The Rain (Soul Seekerz Remix Edit)
  7. Voodoo Magic (SoundFactory Big Room Anthem Edit)
  8. Temple Of Love (SoundFactory Reconstruction Anthem Radio Edit)
  9. We Could Be Heroes (SoundFactory Futuretro Mix)
  10. Chariots Of Fire (Hex Hector Vocal Mix)
  11. Save My Pride (SoundFactory Electric Club Mix)
  12. Rhythm Drives Me Crazy (Carl Ryden Remix Radio Edit)
  13. The Destiny Of Love (SoundFactory Radio Edit)
  14. Give Me The Night (SoundFactory Radio Mix)
  15. Lay Your Love On Me (SoundFactory Radio Edit)
  16. Barcelona (SoundFactory Radio Edit)
  17. The Bells Of Freedom (SoundFactory Club Anthem Mix)
  18. Gomenasai (Oscar Holter Radio Mix)
  19. You’re Not Alone (Skyylab Radio Edit)
  20. Right Here, Right Now (UK Radio Edit)
  21. Right Here Right Now (feat. Velvet) (Cahill Edit)
  22. Rise To The Occasion (Holter Erixon Mix)
  23. Kings Of Tomorrow (Disco Version)


  1. Oh Lord (Heaven Dance Version)
  2. Hardcore Life (Stonebridge Deluxe Remix)


  1. Back On Earth (X-Adam Remix)

HAPPY HOES (with La Camilla & Dominika Peczynski):

  1. Don’t Try To Steal My Limelight (Original Version)
  2. We Rule The World (DJ Marcus Ullmarker Horny Hibiscus Remix)
  3. Happy Ho Ho Ho (Grinchen Version)


  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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