Cher Remixes

Cher is a pop music diva of many decades. She first started making music back in the 60s as a solo artist, as well as part of the duo Sonny & Cher, with her then-husband. Racking up a number of hits before my time, dance music hadn’t made its impact in American music just yet. […]

The Killers Remixes

The Killers are a rock band with a unique sound that stands out among the crowd. Over the years, they have been labeled under a number of musical genres, including new wave, alternative rock, indie-pop, synth-pop, and even electronic. You can even add dance once you factor in all of the remixes released by professional […]

La Bouche Remixes

I have been a La Bouche fan since I can remember. The fantastically attractive duo with a musical connection that just blends perfectly together. Lane McCray, the male singer/rapper, along with Melanie Thornton, the powerhouse female vocalist, gave birth to the sound of Euro-dance in the US during the 90’s dance music phenomenon. Before most […]

Lady Gaga Remixes

Lady Gaga had a unique presence from the very beginning. We all wanted to see what her next look would be. And her music was just so catchy and fun, we could not get enough of her. Her first two career singles were so huge, they topped numerous charts across the globe. Not only has […]

David Burrill Remixes

David Burrill is undeniably a sweltering Latin Rico Suave from the 80s. His career has included modeling, acting, singing, songwriting, producing, and even adult films. With a face like that, you cannot help but be someone’s object of desire, most notably my own. I had the honor of meeting David at a local gay bar […]

Seduction Remixes

Seduction is one of those freestyle girl groups to come out of the late 1980s. The trio was established by the dance duo/produce team Clivilles & Cole. Robert Clivilles and David Cole are also known for having been a part of the C+C Music Factory group. The ladies went on to have a handful of […]

Melanie C Remixes

Melanie C is one-fifth of the successful girl group Spice Girls, aka Sporty Spice. Since going solo, she has had great success on her own. She has racked up numerous awards. Most notably, in the UK. It is there that she has co-written more UK number one singles than any other female artist, and remains […]

Stacey Q Remixes

Stacey Q began her musical career under the name Stacey Swain, as part of a synth/new wave band with music producer Jon St. James. Together, they formed the band simply named by one letter, Q. They later renamed the band with three letters, SSQ. And when Stacey pursued a solo career, she carried the Q […]

Cee Lo Green Remixes

Cee Lo Green is a unique fella with a unique sound. His voice is unlike any other, yet manages to blend uniformly in all genres. Even with multiple genres under his belt, he manages to reinvent himself with multiple aliases as well. He started in hip-hop with an Atlanta-based group called Goodie Mob. As Goodie […]

Stevie Nicks Remixes

Stevie Nicks began her music career singing alongside Lindsey Buckingham. The two were romantic for some time, and even recorded some music together as a duo. Eventually, the two joined the band Fleetwood Mac in the early 1970s, and gained international success. Once the 80s rolled around, Stevie pursued a solo career. Even with great […]

Fleetwood Mac Remixes

Fleetwood Mac first hit the music charts in the late 1960s. They have sold more than 120 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling bands. The original frontrunners in the band include Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham. Throughout the decades, several of the members also maintained […]

Tamia Remixes

Tamia is a successful R&B singer who first hit the charts in the mid-1990s. After numerous charting singles on the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as the US Billboard R&B Songs chart, she saw her biggest hit to date climb to #3 on the Hot 100. That single, “Stranger In My House,” also climbed […]