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Mariah Carey rose to fame in 1990 with her debut single, “Vision Of Love,” and was the first artist to have their first five singles reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. She is known for having one of the most impressive vocal ranges in music history. Even the Guinness Book Of World Records named her the “Songbird Supreme.” She is currently in second place for the most #1 singles on the Hot 100 chart, only behind The Beatles. To date, she has 19 chart-toppers, while The Beatles have the most at 20. However, this makes her the record-holder for the most #1 singles by a solo artist.

Mariah has had great success on the dance charts as well. To date, she has had 17 number one hits on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. This could certainly keep growing, as she continues to record new music. Keep us dancing, Mariah!

My favorite remix of each single by Mariah Carey is listed in chronological order below.

  1. Vision Of Love (Quentin Harris Mashup Mix)
  2. Love Takes Time (C-Bass DnB Remix)
  3. Someday (Shep Pettibone House Mix Edit)
  4. I Don’t Wanna Cry (TMC’s Traumatical Club Mix)
  5. There’s Got To Be A Way (Shep Pettibone Remix)
  6. Emotions (C&C Remix Edit)
  7. Can’t Let Go (Kerwins Remix)
  8. Make It Happen (Powerhouse Remix)
  9. Dreamlover (David Morales Remix)
  10. Hero (Al B. Rich Inspiration Remix Edit)
  11. Without You (Club Remix)
  12. Never Forget You (Tizzes Remix)
  13. Anytime You Need A Friend (C&C Radio Mix)
  14. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Jump Smokers Remix Edit)
  15. Joy To The World (Celebration Radio Edit)
  16. Fantasy (Def Club Mix Edit)
  17. One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men) (TMC Radio Mix)
  18. Always Be My Baby (David Morales Def Classic Radio Mix)
  19. Underneath The Stars (Drifting Remix)
  20. Looking In (TMC Radio Mix)
  21. Honey (Classic Remix Edit)
  22. Butterfly (Meme’s Club Mix Edit)
  23. The Roof (David Morales Radio Mix)
  24. My All (David Morales Classic Radio Edit)
  25. Fourth Of July (feat. Missy Elliot) (Independence Remix)
  26. Babydoll (TMC Radio Mix)
  27. Close My Eyes (TMC Radio Mix)
  28. Sweetheart (with Jermaine Dupri) (Eddie Arroyo Dance Mix)
  29. I Still Believe (David Morales Classic Club Mix Edit)
  30. Do You Know Where You’re Going To (Mahogany Club Mix Edit)
  31. Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely (Junior’s Club Mix Edit)
  32. Thank God I Found You (with Joe & 98 Degrees) (Celebratory Mix)
  33. Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme) (David Morales Radio Edit)
  34. Against All Odds (Pound Boys Radio Edit)
  35. Bliss (Sweet Club Rework Mix)
  36. Petals (TMC Radio Mix)
  37. Loverboy (Club Of Love Radio Edit)
  38. Never Too Far (Mike Rizzo Club Remix Edit)
  39. Don’t Stop (Funkin’ 4 Jamaica) (Funkin’ 4 Da Old Skool Edit)
  40. Through The Rain (HQ2 Radio Edit)
  41. The One (Widelife Radio Mix)
  42. Boy (I Need You) (feat. Cam’ron) (OrangeFuzzz Radio Edit)
  43. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak (Global Soul Radio Edit)
  44. I Know What You Want (with Busta Rhymes & The Flipmode Squad) (Wost Reacción Remix)
  45. Clown (TMC’s Clownin’ Around In The Club Mix Edit)
  46. It’s Like That (David Morales Radio Mix)
  47. We Belong Together (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Radio Mix)
  48. Shake It Off (Jones & Moss Vibelicious Club Mix Edit)
  49. Don’t Forget About Us (Tony Moran Radio Mix)
  50. Fly Like A Bird (Tracy Young Full Vocal Edit)
  51. Say Somethin’ (David Morales Radio Edit)
  52. Touch My Body (Seamus Haji Radio Edit)
  53. Bye Bye (Flamefly Club Remix)
  54. I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time (Aaron Paetsch Club Mix Edit)
  55. I Stay In Love (Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit)
  56. I’m That Chick (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Radio Edit)
  57. Cruise Control (Dario Xavier Remix Edit)
  58. Side Effects (Dario Xavier Remix Edit)
  59. Obsessed (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)
  60. I Want To Know What Love Is (Moto Blanco Remix)
  61. H.A.T.E.U. (Jump Smokers Radio Edit)
  62. Up Out My Face (Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit)
  63. Angels Cry (Jump Smokers Remix)
  64. Betcha Gon’ Know (Jump Smokers Remix)
  65. Candy Bling (Jump Smokers Remix)
  66. Ribbon (Jump Smokers Remix)
  67. Inseparable (Jump Smokers Remix)
  68. Standing O (Jump Smokers Remix)
  69. More Than Just Friends (Jump Smokers Remix)
  70. The Impossible (Jump Smokers Remix)
  71. Languishing (Jump Smokers Remix)
  72. Oh Santa! (Low Sunday Club Mix)
  73. Auld Lang Syne (The New Year’s Anthem) (Rosario Traditional Radio Edit)
  74. Triumphant (Danny Verde Radio Mix)
  75. Almost Home (Big Kid & Brian Cua Big Room Vocal Remix Edit)
  76. #Beautiful (feat. Miguel) (Louie Vega Dance Remix)
  77. You’re Mine (Eternal) (Jump Smokers Radio Edit)
  78. You Don’t Know What To Do (feat. Wale) (Rightside & Mark Di Meo Remix)
  79. Thirsty (Live Jasmin Mix)
  80. Infinity (DJ DigiMark & Michaelangelo vs Mike Rizzo Mashup Edit)
  81. I Don’t (feat. YG) (MichaelAngelo Meets Morales Remix Edit)
  82. GTFO (Mitch Ferrino Remix)
  83. With You (TMC x Estacao Club Mix Edit)
  84. A No No (MAGIXX Remix Edit)
  85. The Distance (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) (Lord N’ Remix)
  86. Caution (Dario Xavier Club Mix Edit)
  87. Giving Me Life (Live Jasmin Club Dub Mix Edit)


  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.

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