The Saturdays Remixes

The Saturdays are an English girl group that ruled the charts from 2007 to 2014, in the UK, Ireland, and Scotland. They five ladies of the group are Frankie Sandford, Una Healy, Rochelle Wiseman, Mollie King, and Vanessa White. Together, they scored numerous chart-toppers, including a single hit in the US with their duet with rapper Sean Paul. That single, “What About Us,” climbed to #27 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. As a dance music enthusiast, I followed these five ladies from the beginning, and learned to appreciate their contributions to dance music with every release.

After their hiatus in 2014, most of the girls have embarked on a solo career. There are rumors of a reunion down the road, but for now we can enjoy the contributions from the ladies as a group, and separately, with some of the best remixes available by DJ’s and remixers.

My favorite remix of each single by The Saturdays (and solo projects) is listed in chronological order below.

  1. If This Is Love (Moto Blanco Club Edit)
  2. Up (Wideboys Remix Edit)
  3. Issues (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
  4. Just Can’t Get Enough (Wideboys Radio Edit)
  5. Work (Cahill Radio Edit)
  6. Unofficial (2nd Adventure Radio Mix)
  7. Forever Is Over (Buzz Junkies Edit)
  8. Ego (Almighty Edit)
  9. Here Standing (Cutmore Radio Mix)
  10. One Shot (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
  11. Missing You (Cahill Radio Edit)
  12. Higher (7th Heaven Remix)
  13. Karma (2nd Adventure Radio Mix)
  14. Notorious (Almighty Club Mix)
  15. All Fired Up (Alias Radio Mix)
  16. My Heart Takes Over (Digital Dog Remix Edit)
  17. The Way You Watch Me (feat. Travie McCoy) (2nd Adventure Radio Mix)
  18. Promise Me (2nd Adventure Radio Mix)
  19. Last Call (2nd Adventure Radio Mix)
  20. 30 Days (Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Radio Edit)
  21. What About Us (2nd Adventure Radio Edit)
  22. Gentlemen (2nd Adventure Radio Edit)
  23. Disco Love (StarLab Disco Radio Edit)
  24. Not Giving Up (Cahill Radio Edit)
  25. Leave A Light On (The Collective Radio Edit)
  26. What Are You Waiting For (Alias Radio Edit)
  27. 808 (feat. Angel Haze & MckNasty) (Spin City Remix)
  28. Greatest Hits Megamix (Alias Club Mix)

S CLUB JUNIORS/8 (feat. Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Wiseman):

  1. One Step Closer (Almighty Mix)
  2. Automatic High (Original Version)
  3. New Direction (Original Mix)
  4. Fool No More (Almighty Mix)
  5. Sundown (Almighty Radio Edit)
  6. Don’t Tell Me You’re Sorry (Rockamerica Remix)


  1. Dreaming (with I-Dream feat. Calvin) (Original Version)


  1. Riptide (with Vance Joy) (Maestro Harrell Remix)
  2. Stay My Love (feat. Sam Palladio) (Original Version)
  3. Battlelines (Original Version)
  4. Never See My Cry (7th Heaven Radio Mix)
  5. Take Me Dancing (with Jake Carter) (Original Version)
  6. Honour Among Thieves (with Gunship) (Original Version)
  7. Symmetrical (with Gunship) (Original Version)
  8. Wild Grasses (Original Version)


  1. Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover (Original Version)
  2. Nostalgia (Riggs Club Mix)
  3. Exchange (feat. Kojey Radical) (Tiller Refix)
  4. Low Key (feat. Illa J) (Original Version)


  1. Back To You (Rooftop Boys Remix)
  2. Hair Down (John Gibbons Radio Edit)


  • Stay My Love (by Una Healy feat. Sam Palladio) (any remix)
  • Battlelines (by Una Healy) (any remix)
  • Take Me Dancing (by Una Healy with Jake Carter) (any remix)
  • Wild Grasses (by Una Healy) (any remix)
  • Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover (by Vanessa White) (any remix)
  • Low Key (by Vanessa White) (any remix)
  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.