Exposé Remixes

Exposé is one of my favorite dance groups of all time. Their late 80’s freestyle sound drew me in at a very young age, and I have been a fan ever since. From their dancefloor anthems to their epic ballads, they have managed to rack up twelve Top 100 hits, eight Top 10 hits, and two #1 Dance Club hits, according to the US Billboard charts. In March 2015, Billboard magazine named the group the eighth most-successful girl group of all-time.

The beautiful trio of voices that make up Exposé will always be some of my favorite ladies of dance music. Each of them contributes their own unique talent to create something  so exceptional. First, there is the lovely redhead, Jeanette Jurado. She provides lead vocals on their hits “Come Go With Me,” “Point Of No Return,” “I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me,” and their #1 hit “Seasons Change.” Second, there is the seductive brunette, Gioia Bruno. She provides lead vocals on their hits “Let Me Be The One,” “Tell Me Why,” and “What You Don’t Know.” Last, but not least, there is the angelic blonde, Ann Curless. She provides lead vocals on their hits “As Long As I Can Dream,” “In Walked Love,” and “Stop, Listen, Look And Think.”

After releasing their Greatest Hits album in 1995, the group disbanded and began some pretty cool solo projects. Even though I wish they had never split, and kept making hit albums together, there are some awesome and somewhat rare music collaborations that are note worthy. Luckily, for fans, the original three reunited years later and are still touring across the country today. Each have contributed to other musical projects, but Gioia has made the most significant impact in the dance genre and gay pride events.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see them in concert twice now. The first time was in March 2013 at the Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida. The second time was February 2016 during the Freestyle Explosion concert in Orlando, Florida. These ladies always give a great performance, with so much energy and excitement. I hope to see them again!

My favorite remix of each single by Exposé (and solo projects) is listed in chronological order below.

  1. Exposed To Love (Lewis Martinee Extended Vocal Mix)
  2. Come Go With Me (Lewis Martinee Extended Mix)
  3. Point Of No Return (Lewis Martinee Extended Remix)
  4. Let Me Be The One (Lewis Martinee Extended Mix)
  5. Seasons Change (Lewis Martinee Extended Mix)
  6. Exposé Megamix (Club Veronica Megamix)
  7. What You Don’t Know (AEIOU Remix)
  8. When I Looked At Him (Suave Mix)
  9. Tell Me Why (Dakeyne & Steve Anderson 7 Inch Remix)
  10. Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue (SKDJ Remix)
  11. Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Glenn Friscia 7 Inch Club Remix Edit)
  12. I Wish The Phone Would Ring (Exposed Mix)
  13. I’ll Never Get Over You (SKDJ Remix)
  14. I Specialize In Love (Spike Club Mix Edit)
  15. Point Of No Return 1996 (Tony Moran Remix Edit)
  16. Come Go With Me 1996 (Ronnie Ventura Remix Edit)
  17. Exposé Megamix (DJ Trevor’s Labour Of Love Mix)
  18. Point Of No Return 2011 (Chris Cox Radio Edit)
  19. Shine On (Klubjumpers Radio Edit)
  20. Point Of No Return 2015 (Rhythm Scholar Deluxe Edition Reconstruction)
  21. WYDK 2017 (Deluxe Edition Megamix)
  22. LMBTO 2017 (Klubjumpers Radio Mix)
  23. Love Specialist (with Househead Samira) (Alex Autajon Remix)
  24. Don’t Go (SKDJ Remix)


  1. Make That Move (as G-Spot) (Original Version Edit)
  2. Free To Be (Liquid360 Anthem Remix Edit)
  3. You Don’t Have To Be Lonely (Original Version Edit)
  4. From The Inside (Junior Vasquez Club Mix Edit)
  5. Wreckin’ My Nerves (Chris Cox Remix Edit)
  6. Be Mine (DJ Strobe Remix Edit)
  7. Dreamin’ (Again) (with Will To Power) (D-Menace Remix Edit)
  8. This Is It (Extended Remix Edit)
  9. Why Did You Call Me (DJ Groove’s Prime Time Vocal Remix Edit)
  10. Your Love Is Lifting Me (Higher & Higher) (Josh Harris Radio Mix)
  11. Flashback (Original Version)
  12. The Good Girls Have Gone To Bed (with Jade Starling & Kim Esty) (Original Version)
  13. Kiss & Tell (with WIN) (Original Version)
  14. Change The World (Obama) (Original Club Mix Edit)
  15. Waterfalls (Original Version)
  16. Your Love Is Lifting Me 2009 (Eddie Baez Remix Edit)
  17. (Best Part Of You Is) Gone (Original Demo Version)
  18. Sky’s The Limit (Bri’s Song) (Original Version)
  19. Point Of No Return (Gioia Version) (2012 Remix)
  20. Boy Crazy (Original Version)
  21. Staying Out All Night (Original Edit)
  22. Taking Me (To The Point Of No Return) (Original Version)
  23. Why Did You Call Me 2016 (Joluma Vocal Club Remix Edit)


  1. Lately (with Clueless) (Album Version Edit)
  2. One (with Clueless) (Album Version Edit)
  3. Open Arms (with Clueless) (Album Version Edit)
  4. Come To Me (with JJ) (JJ’s Radio Come Mix)
  5. Heaven Knows (with K&M Project) (K&M Radio Mix)


  • As Long As I Can Dream (any remix)
  • In Walked Love (any remix)
  • I’ll Say Goodbye For The Two Of Us (any remix)
  • Kiss And Tell (Josh Harris/Warren Rigg/Perry Twins/Wayne G/Jake Benson remixes) (Gioia with WIN)
  • Make That Move (House/Tribal remixes) (Gioia with G-Spot)
  • This Is It (Tronic/Dark remixes) (Gioia)
  • Let Me Be The One (Veneer Mix) (Gioia)
  • Let Me Be The One (Guitar Mix) (Gioia)
  • Point Of No Return (2012 Remix) (Gioia)
  • Every Single Thing (Alt Version) (Gioia)
  • Slave (any Wet remixes) (Gioia with Wet)
  • Lately (C&R Project NYC Mix) (Ann Curless)
  • Shadow Of Love (Jeanette Jurado)
  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.