Boy George Remixes

Boy George is a multi-talented singer and DJ. He first gained recognition as the flamboyant lead singer of the band Culture Club. In the early 1980s, the group achieved global success with hit singles like “Karma Chameleon,” “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me,” and “Time (Clock of the Heart).” When the band members parted ways in 1986, Boy George started his solo career and even formed a temporary EDM band called Jesus Loves You. Over the years, George released numerous full-length albums, compilation albums, DJ albums, and several EP’s.

Over the past two decades, Boy George and the original members of Culture Club have reunited, toured, and released a number of new albums together. They will always be one of the most unique, historical, and iconic bands of our lifetime, and I am glad to have seen them in concert in Atlanta GA in 2015.

I just recently learned that Culture Club came up with their name due to the various mix of ethnic backgrounds within the group. There is the cross-dressing Irish singer (Boy George), the black-Briton (Mikey Craig), the Jewish drummer (Jon Moss), and the English guitarist (Roy Hay). Awesome!

George continues to be one of the worlds most successful and in-demand international DJs touring extensively across the globe. And he has one of the most impressive lists of collaborations, having worked with dance heavyweights such as Erick Morillo, Deep Dish, Afrika Bambaataa, Groove Armada and Faithless. While his own records have been remixed by a multitude of artists that range from Tom Stephan and Holy Ghost to Herve and Congorock.

My favorite remix of each single by Boy George and Culture Club is listed in chronological order below.

  1. White Boy (Dance Mix)
  2. I’m Afraid Of Me (Extended Dance Mix)
  3. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (DJ LBR Ragga Mix)
  4. Time (DJ Turbo’s Disco Groove Mix)
  5. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya (Special Extended Version Remix)
  6. Church Of The Poison Mind (Budgie Man Electro Mix)
  7. Karma Chameleon (Extended Mix)
  8. Victims (Extended Version)
  9. Miss Me Blind (Return To Gender Mix)
  10. It’s A Miracle (Ronando’s Extended Dance Mix)
  11. The War Song (Ultra Traxx Retro Remix)
  12. The Medal Song (Steve Levine Extended Mix)
  13. Mistake No. 3 (Extended Soul Remix)
  14. Love Is Love (Craig John Smith Remix)
  15. Move Away (12 Inch Mix)
  16. Sexuality (Tango Dub Remix Version)
  17. God Thank You Woman (Extended Version)
  18. Gusto Blusto (Dance Mix Edit)
  19. From Luxury To Heartache (Extended Version)
  20. Everything I Own (Go Go Mix)
  21. Sold (Extended Mix)
  22. Wishing Well (Dance Remix)
  23. Live My Life (Soul Remix)
  24. No Clause 28 (Pascal Gabriel Remix)
  25. Don’t Cry (Extended Version)
  26. Don’t Take My Mind On A Trip (UK Acid Version)
  27. You Found Another Guy (12 Inch Remix)
  28. Whether They Like It Or Not (Extended Remix)
  29. After The Love (Ten Glorious Years Remix Edit)
  30. One On One (Fon Force Mix)
  31. Bow Down Mister (Ultra Traxx Maxi Mix)
  32. Generations Of Love (Ramp Club Mix Edit)
  33. Love’s Gonna Let You Down (Popcorn Mix)
  34. Love Hurts (Evolution Remix Edit)
  35. Sweet Toxic Love (Deliverance Mix)
  36. Am I Losing Control (Tequila Short Mix)
  37. The Crying Game (Extended Dance Mix)
  38. More Than Likely (with PM Dawn) (Shane Bodie Remix)
  39. Human Beings (with Gaurangi) (Full Version)
  40. Funtime (Ramp Allien Spawn Club Mix)
  41. Il Adore (Full Version)
  42. Same Thing In Reverse (Evolution’s Radio Screamer Mix)
  43. Sad (Scary Numan Club Mix)
  44. Satan’s Butterfly Ball (Kinky Roland’s Performance Mix)
  45. Love Is Leaving (Molella Guitar Mix)
  46. Police And Thieves (Rudeboy’s Speed Riddim Mix)
  47. When Will You Learn (Razormaid Remix)
  48. I Just Wanna Be Loved (Magic Man Remix)
  49. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 1998 (Quivver Mix)
  50. Time (Clock Of The Heart) 1998 (Quivver’s Amityville Mix)
  51. Your Kisses Are Charity (Blouse & Skirt Mix)
  52. Why Go (DJ UrbanElectro Reversion Remix)
  53. Cold Shoulder (Mellow Mix)
  54. Sign Language (Frosty Mix)
  55. See Thru (MP3’s Mix Dedicated To The Late Chris McCoy Nuff Love)
  56. Strange Voodoo (Jimmy T Prickly Heat Mix)
  57. Run (Boy George’s Kinky’s Wind 142 Vocal Mix)
  58. Auto Erotic (Mashup Vocal Remix)
  59. Julian (Kinky Roland’s Art As Revenge Mix)
  60. If I Were U (Kinky Roland’s ‘Mind Over Substance’ Mix)
  61. Psychology Of The Dreamer (New Vocal Mix)
  62. Out Of Fashion (Club Mix)
  63. Here Come The Girls (as The Twin) (Kinky Roland Remix)
  64. Electro Hetero (as The Twin) (Kinky Roland Remix)
  65. Sanitised (as The Twin) (Kinky Roland Remix)
  66. Human Racing (as The Twin) (Kinky Roland Remix)
  67. After Dark (as The Twin) (Kinky Roland Remix)
  68. Karma Chameleon 2005 (Ledge Remix)
  69. Miss Me Blind 2005 (Joachim Garraud and David Guetta ‘Fuck Me I’m Famous’ Ibiza Mix)
  70. You Are My Sister (with Antony and the Johnsons) (Original Version)
  71. You’re Not The One (Original Mix)
  72. Time Machine (with Amanda Ghost) (Kinky Roland’s Ordinary Alien Version)
  73. Atoms (Ariya Mix)
  74. Generations Of Love 2008 (Cristian Poow Radio Mix)
  75. Yes We Can (Kinky Roland Stomp Mix)
  76. American Heart (The Revenge Vocal Mix)
  77. Pentonville Blues (UAC Mix)
  78. Take Us To The Disco (Kempers Klub Mix)
  79. Somebody To Love Me (Herve Remix)
  80. Amazing Grace (Sharp Boys Radio Edit)
  81. Turn 2 Dust (David Jones Mix)
  82. Brand New (Kinky Roland Remix)
  83. Don’t Wanna See Myself (Kinky Roland Remix)
  84. Go Your Own Way (Kinky Roland Remix)
  85. Seconds (Kinky Roland Remix)
  86. Kill The A&R (Kinky Roland Remix)
  87. Look Pon U (Kinky Roland Remix)
  88. Ragga Music (Kinky Roland Remix)
  89. Happy (Remix)
  90. Coming Home (Marc Vedo Remix)
  91. King Of Everything (Digitalsoul Club Edit)
  92. My God (Digitalsoul Mix)
  93. Feel The Vibration (Kinky Roland Remix)
  94. You Cannot Be Saved (with Marc Vedo) (Jerome Robins Oxygen Mix)
  95. More Than Silence (Boy George & Roland Faber Remix)
  96. Kiss The DJ (feat. Shay D) (Roland Faber Radio Edit)
  97. Hold On (with Tough Love and Roger Sanchez) (Original Mix)
  98. Let Somebody Love You (Queer Gender Bender Edit)
  99. Life (Bastone & Berrios Radio Edit)
  100. Runaway Train (Kinky Roland Mix)
  101. Underneath This Earth (Jared Jones Culture Club Mix)
  102. House Of Truth (with Jamie Hannah) (Selekios Chunky House Mix)
  103. No Time To Die (Original Version)


  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.