Annie Lennox Remixes

Annie Lennox has had tremendous success as both a solo artist and lead singer for other bands established with Dave Stewart. The first band she and Dave created was called The Catch. They released one single, “Borderline” (not associated with the same title from Madonna’s debut album), but later changed their band name to The Tourists. releasing three full-length albums. Then the pair put together a new band and called it Eurythmics. That’s when Annie and Dave gained tremendous success and achieved their first #1 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).” Over on the dance chart, they were just as successful, scoring two #1 hit singles.

Annie went solo in 1992, and instantly had great successes across the globe. Many of her singles were remixed by DJ’s and remixers, helping her to achieve five solo #1 hits on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. She definitely cemented herself as a dance diva whose music keeps dancefloors and dance music fans very happy.

My favorite remix of each single by Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics is listed in chronological order below.

  1. Put A Little Love In Your Heart (with Al Green) (Original Version)
  2. Why (Paul Anthony Remix)
  3. Precious (Single Mix)
  4. Walking On Broken Glass (David Morales Club Edit)
  5. Cold (Original Version)
  6. Little Bird (Derek Howell & Joshua Michael Remix Edit)
  7. No More I Love You’s (Junior’s Club Mix Edit)
  8. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Single Version)
  9. Waiting In Vain (Strong Body Mix)
  10. Take Me To The River (Blu3 Am3r1can Edit)
  11. Train In Vain (Dans Monster Club Mix)
  12. Pavement Cracks (Gabriel & Dresden Remix Edit)
  13. Into The West (Tony Moran Unreleased Private Mix)
  14. A Thousand Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Tech Funk Mix Edit)
  15. Wonderful (Dave Aude Radio Mix)
  16. Honestly (Luin’s Evaporated Mix)
  17. Bitter Pill (Luin’s Red Pill Mix)
  18. The Saddest Song I’ve Got (Kuffdam And Plant Remix Edit)
  19. Twisted (Luin’s Bare Mix)
  20. Dark Road (HK Tech Rock Remix)
  21. Sing (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
  22. Many Rivers To Cross (Original Version)
  23. Shining Light (Single Version)
  24. Pattern Of My Life (Original Version)
  25. Backwards Forwards (DJ Earworm Mashup Mix)
  26. Universal Child (Bellatrax Remix Edit)
  27. I Put A Spell On You (Las Bibas Diva Club Remix)
  28. Summertime (Original Version)
  29. Georgia On My Mind (Haja Lennox Remix)
  30. Little Bird 2018 (Pumpkin Spice Remix)
  31. Walking On Broken Glass 2019 (Joel Dickinson Radio Edit)

with Eurythmics:

  1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Giorgio Moroder 91 Hot Mix)
  2. Love Is A Stranger (Crome Remix Edit)
  3. Who’s That Girl (ReMix6 Bootleg Mix)
  4. Right By Your Side (Original Radio Mix)
  5. Here Comes The Rain Again (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)
  6. Sexcrime (Vincent Dacosta Remix)
  7. Would I Lie To You (ET Mix)
  8. There Must Be An Angel (Special Dance Mix)
  9. Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves (Pied Piper Fierce Disko Mix)
  10. It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back) (Cogg’s Baby’s Running Back Bass Remix)
  11. I Love You Like A Ball And Chain (Luin’s Domestic Demolition Mix)
  12. When Tomorrow Comes (Kaanyh Remix)
  13. Thorn In My Side (Extended Mix)
  14. The Miracle Of Love (Ernani Remix)
  15. Missionary Man (Luin’s Original Sinner Mix)
  16. Take Your Pain Away (Luin’s Effexor Mix)
  17. A Little Of You (Luin’s Stultified Mix)
  18. Beethoven (Luin’s Mink Coat Mix)
  19. Shame (Dance Mix Edit)
  20. I Need A Man (Macho Mix Edit)
  21. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart (Luin’s Right Hand Mix)
  22. I’ve Got A Lover Back In Japan (Luin’s Tattooed In Timbuktu Mix)
  23. Do You Want To Break Up (Luin’s Disembraced Mix)
  24. Put The Blame On Me (Luin’s Dark Room Mix)
  25. Heaven (Luin’s Primordial Mix)
  26. Brand New Day (Danilo Bruno Vocal Mix)
  27. Revival (Luin’s Mona Lisa Mix)
  28. Don’t Ask Me Why (Luin’s S-Promises Mix)
  29. The King And Queen Of America (Dance Remix)
  30. Angel (US Remixed Radio Edit)
  31. (My My) Baby’s Gonna Cry (Duncan Bridgeman Remix)
  32. Sweet Dreams 91 (Dave Angel Nightmare Mix)
  33. I Saved The World Today (Little Junkies Booty Mix)
  34. 17 Again (Thunderpuss Radio Mix)
  35. I’ve Got A Life (David Guetta & Joachim Garraud Remix Edit)
  36. Sweet Dreams 2005 (Steve Angello Remix Edit)
  37. Here Comes The Rain Again 2007 (Freemasons Radio Edit)


  • Put A Little Love In Your Heart (with Al Green) (any remix)
  • Precious (any remix)
  • Cold (any remix)
  • A Whiter Shade Of Pale (any remix)
  • Many Rivers To Cross (any remix)
  • Shining Light (any remix)
  • Pattern Of My Life (any remix)
  • Summertime (any remix)
  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.