Andrea Britton Remixes

Andrea Britton sings on some of my favorite dance tracks of all time. She is undoubtedly a favorite in the dance music scene. She always adds a beautiful element to an electronic progressive house beat. She first gained recognition with the single “Am I On Your Mind,” her collaboration with the UK trance duo Oxygen. Another year later, she collaborated with Darren Isaac Tate of the DT8 Project to create the dance masterpiece “Winter.” Over the years, she has worked with some of the biggest trance musicians in the industry, being featured on numerous dance compilation albums and remix EPs, keeping her fan base very happy.

Andrea has traveled worldwide with other major artists on their headlining tours, including Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland, Moloko, and Damien Rice. She has also played at many festivals around the world, such as Glastonbury, The Big Chill, V Festival, Creamfields, Roskilde, Sziget and Hop Farm, and the wonderful Teatru Manoel in Malta.

In her own words, she will “continue to work on projects if they make my heart sing.” I hope she continues working on dance projects because when her heart sings, I listen and I dance.

My favorite remix of each single by Andrea Britton is listed in chronological order below.

  1. Breathe Life (with Reflektive) (Greed Remix)
  2. Am I On Your Mind (with Oxygen) (Lustral Mix)
  3. One More Chance (with The Space Brothers) (Riley & Durrant Remix)
  4. Sisters Of The Sun (with Hush) (Kyau & Albert Remix)
  5. Take My Hand (with Jurgen Vries) (Piece Process Remix)
  6. Wait For You (with Lost Witness) (Extres 3 Remix)
  7. Winter (with DT8 Project) (Max Graham’s Sidechain Remix Edit)
  8. Give It Up (with Jay Rodriguez) (Original Mix)
  9. The Price We Pay For Love (with Lustral) (Aidan Lavelle Remix)
  10. Time Still Drifts Away (with The Disco Brothers) (Soulseekerz Vox Mix)
  11. Counting Down The Days (with Sunfreakz) (DT8 Project Remix)
  12. Inner Sense (with The Disco Brothers) (Extended Club Mix)
  13. Normally (Jerome Robins Mix)
  14. Many Years From Now (with Lustral) (Ralphi Rosario Remix)
  15. Broken (with Lustral) (Pitch & Sulphurs Back In Time Remix) (unsure of Andrea’s contribution; listed as vocalist Kate Jackson on some releases of this single)
  16. Because Of You (with Lustral) (Noel Sanger Remix)
  17. In My Life (with Lustral) (Jerome Robins Remix)
  18. Spun Out (as Slovo) (Giant Killers Radio Edit)
  19. The One (as Slovo) (Escobar & Vito Mix)
  20. Being You (as Slovo) (New Verison)
  21. Magazine Men (as Slovo) (Original Version)
  22. Many People (as Slovo) (Original Version)
  23. Soledad Brother (as Slovo) (Original Version)
  24. On The Bus (as Slovo) (Original Version)
  25. Catch A Fall (with 4 Strings) (House Extended Mix)
  26. When I Fall (with Star Anise) (Johnny Pinkfinger Radio Edit)
  27. Deeper (with Loverush UK!) (Insound Remix)
  28. Show Me The Sunshine (with Darren Styles) (Original Mix)
  29. Breathe Life 2008 (with Liquid Nation) (Fish & Chips Radio Mix)
  30. Miracle (with The Frenchmakers) (Mischa Daniels Vocal Radio Edit)
  31. Always Be Together (with Bassmonkeys & Soulshaker) (Extended Mix)
  32. Something In Your Way (with Kinky Roland) (Elucidate Remix)
  33. Believe In Me (with Earthscape) (Tim Besamusca Remix)
  34. Captured (with Mike Shiver vs Matias Lehtola) (Joonas Hahmo Mix)
  35. Fallen (with Headstrong) (Electro House Remix)
  36. Party 2Nite (with Headstrong) (Original Radio Edit)
  37. Keep Living The Life (*CANNOT FIND DIGITAL TRACK)
  38. Stay (with Where’s Huey?) (Bassline Mix)
  39. Don’t Give In (with Feng Shui) (Leonardo Carioti & Jordan Valentine Mix)
  40. One More Day (with Rui Da Silva) (Original Mix)
  41. Kontrol (with Michael Paterson & Warner Powers) (Vibeizm Remix)
  42. Am I On Your Mind 2012 (with Oxygen) (Darren Styles & Re-Con Mix)
  43. Not Before I See You First (with Roggy) (Andi De Luxe Blind Date Remix)
  44. So Many Reasons (with Sometimes) (Highlife Remix)
  45. Wake Up And It’s June (feat. Stephen Large) (Original Version)
  46. I’m Going Out (with Jiff & Flo & Flawless) (Original Version)
  47. Am I On Your Mind 2014 (with Oxygen) (Flashtech Radio Edit)
  48. Complete (Original Version)
  49. Burn Love (with Sean Finn) (Original Version)
  50. Cast Away (with Mart Sine) (Alex Shevchenko Remix)
  51. Easy To Say (with Steve Anderson) (Sunlight Project Remix)
  52. Crazy For You (with Synergy) (Arkia Remix)
  53. Winter 2018 (with DT8 Project) (Solis & Sean Truby vs Ultimate Remix Edit)
  54. Cast Away 2019 (with Mart Sine) (Kiyoi & Eky Remix)


  • Give It Up (with Jay Rodriguez) (any remix)
  • Being You (as Slovo) (any remix)
  • Magazine Men (as Slovo) (any remix)
  • Many People (as Slovo) (any remix)
  • Soledad Brother (as Slovo) (any remix)
  • On The Bus (as Slovo) (any remix)
  • Show Me The Sunshine (with Darren Styles) (any remix)
  • Party 2Nite (with Headstrong) (any remix)
  • Keep Living The Life (original version/any remix)
  • One More Day (with Rui Da Silva) (any remix)
  • Wake Up And It’s June (feat. Stephen Large) (any remix)
  • I’m Going Out (with Jiff & Flo & Flawless) (any remix)
  • Complete (any remix)
  • Burn Love (with Sean Finn) (any remix)
  • remixes of any song title not listed above

* My favorite remixes are of personal opinion entirely. All remixes in my collection are edited versions that were either released as professional edits or edited using my personal editing software. This page will be updated as new favorites are added, and new songs are released by the artist. If anyone can supply a track from my Wanted List, please contact me.