Years & Years Are Ready To Shine

Originating in London, the band Years & Years have found recent success with their hit single “King,” reaching number one in the UK. The three lead members of the band are creating music that is both pop friendly and electronic dance inspired. After just one album, these young guys have already made a name for themselves, and I hope they continue to make more music and more albums for years and years to come.  ;-)

Although “King” was a worldwide breakout hit for the band, they had several previous singles worth mentioning. Their first official single, called “I Wish I Knew,” didn’t resonate with dancefloors as much. At least, not until it was remixed by James Fox. There are several other Years & Years singles that got a nice remix treatment as well. “Real” is remixed by LeMarquis, Tobtok, Sterzi, BrokenImage, Kitsune Maison, and J.A.C.K. “Take Shelter” is remixed by Mike Mago, Fayfer, Karril, Five R, Maosy, Southy, ARRWS, Listy Laus, OnTimeTello, and Woodblock. “Desire” is remixed by Cosmic Dawn, U & I, Fells x Joziff Jordan, DJ Pride & Michel Barni, Ale Mora, Gryffin, Viduta, Arty, ID, Jerry Folk, Rainer + Grimm, Tourist, and Zac Samuel. “King” is remixed by DJ Amice, Merk & Kremont, Gryffin, Lenno, DJ Fokus, Arty, The Magician, Florian Paetzold, Lash, Mace, TCTS, Anevo, Paces, Oceaán, and Bananafox. Their promotional single “Worship,” is remixed by Freddie Martin, and their latest single, “Shine,” is remixed by Max Sanna & Steve Pitron, David Noakes, Jane Doze, Jax Jones, Alex Ross, Toyboy & Robin, Joe Goddard, Nimmo, Sam Feldt, Hibell, Danny L. Harle, and ID.

Years & Years have also made appearances as a featured artists on two other singles. The first one, “Sunlight,” with The Magician, is remixed by Elephante, Max Liese, Watermät, Suprafive, Blonde, Barych, Darius, Tobtok, and Iqross. The second one, “Illuminate,” with Tourist, is remixed by MJ Cole and Daktyl.

Check out their latest video below, for the single “Shine.”


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