We’ve Kinda Missed You, Deborah Cox


The beautiful and talented Deborah Cox is making waves in the dance music scene again. Not only does she have a brand new solo single out, but she can also be found collaborating on a track with MYNC and Mario Fischetti. The latter of the two has already reached Top 10 of the Billboard Dance Club Play Charts. The track “Everywhere” becomes her 15th Top 10 hit on that particular chart.

Deborah has reached the top spot on the dance chart 12 times to date. Her string of dance hits include such songs as “Things Just Ain’t The Same,” “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here,” “Absolutely Not,” “Mr. Lonely,” and “Beautiful U R,” just to name a few.

Her latest solo single, “Kinda Miss You,” is a sure fire hit. Remixes are not yet available. But the collaboration single “Everywhere” has already been remixed by Tom Stephan, Panda, Electronic Youth, Wasteland, Matthew Heyer, and Jam Xpress.

Take a listen to her latest single below.


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