Union J Wants To Live Forever

Discovered on UK’s The X Factor, the members of Union J are looking to be the next big boy band. They already have three Top 10 hits in the UK, so chances are pretty good that these guys are making a name for themselves, and will be around for a while.

The four members of Union J are Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley, and George Shelley. Originally consisting of three guys whose names all begin with J, they first went by Triple J. But George was later added as a fourth member, resulting in changing the band’s name to Union J.

The guys released their debut single, “Carry You,” last year. Following that single was “Beautiful Life” and “Loving You Is Easy,” all from their self-titled debut album. Their fourth and latest single is called “Tonight (We Live Forever),” which is the first single from their forthcoming second studio album. Remixes have been released for all of their singles, so naturally I’m enjoying their music and not ashamed to say I’m a fan.

Remixes for “Carry You” are provided by Cutmore and Steve Smart & WestFunk. “Beautiful Life” is remixed by 7th Heaven. “Loving You Is Easy” is remixed by Andi Durrant & Steve More. “Tonight (We Live Forever)” is remixed by Cahill.

Follow these guys on social media, including Facebook at www.facebook.com/unionjworld, and Twitter at www.twitter.com/unionjworld. You can also keep up with the guys on their official website at www.unionjofficial.com.

To listen to the Cahill Remix of their latest single, check out the remix video below.



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