Throwback Thursday: The Party

The fun was back in 1991, when I had a routine of partying to John Garabedian’s Open House Party radio show every weekend (usually a party of one). Well, on one particular weekend, I was at a friend’s house hanging out and jamming to the music on the Open House Party. When we heard Mr. Garabedian announce the number for the request line, we all decided to try to get a request in. Sure enough, we got through, spoke to the man himself, and requested one of our favorite songs at the time, “In My Dreams” by The Party. This song brings back so many memories for me, and especially that night hearing our voices on the radio. In fact, I still have that conversation on a cassette tape somewhere. Oh, the good times!

The members of The Party were all cast members of The Mickey Mouse Club. The MMC was a television show on The Disney Channel, consisting of child performers singing their own renditions of current radio hits. If you recall, this is the same place that Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera were discovered. Cheers to MMC!

As I was reading the bio of The Party members, I stumbled upon a pretty cool fact. Although The Party was only active in the music scene for several years, and coincidentally released a farewell album in 1993, it appears that the band has reunited as of 2013. All original members, except for one, have come together to work a brand new album. Excitement! The first single was released last summer, appropriately titled “Salute To Summer.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same dancefloor sound that I was accustomed to, but the track has a decent old school feel to it. Hopefully, the band will have some more party tracks for the fans real soon. You can check out their new website at

Watch their classic video for “In My Dreams” below, and leave your comments.


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