Throwback Thursday: Tara Kemp

The year was 1991, and the artist was Tara Kemp. This 27 year old broke into the US Top 10 with her first two singles, “Hold You Tight” and “Piece Of My Heart.” Both songs had a similar dance vibe, and both became instant favorites of mine. She dropped her debut album the same year, and then contributed a track to the television hit-series Beverly Hills 90210. Shortly after that, Tara disappeared from the music radar.

However, upon my recent discovery, I found that Ms. Kemp is ready to give us another piece of her heart. She created a Facebook page, as well as a YouTube channel, and announced a new single in the works for 2014. Let’s hope this year finds a nice comeback into the dance genre. If nothing else, her dance contributions from another decade will live on forever in our groovy hearts.

Watch the video to “Hold You Tight” below and leave your comments.



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