The Original Sugababes Have Reunited

I was looking up some music history today, and just happened to stumble upon some information that put a big smile on my face. Although it hasn’t been mentioned before, I’m a fan of the British female pop trio, Sugababes. Anyone who is familiar with the group knows of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the lineup of the group. Their most recent lineup, the fourth lineup to be exact, actually consists of three women who were not even part of the original lineup when the Sugababes first hit the music charts back in 2000. So when I found out that the original three members have reunited, and have already released a debut single and video, I was quite excited!

Because the original members are no longer part of the group, they cannot release any music under the name Sugababes. Therefore, they are now going by MKS, which is an acronym for each of their first names: Mutya, Keisha, and Siobhan.

MKS has brought back that harmonic magic that happened during their early years as Sugababes. Their sound is very similar to their previous work, but perhaps sounding even better than before. Their debut single, “Flatline,” is a pop winner receiving overwhelming positive reviews from music journalists. I, myself, give it two big thumbs up as well.

Upon further research, MKS recently embarked on a UK tour called The Sacred Three Tour, and have confirmed a new album is in the works, set for release sometime in 2014. More excitement!

On a final note, it appears that MKS member, Mutya, is open to reclaiming the “Sugababes” name, since Jade Ewen revealed that the fourth line-up split two years earlier. It will be interesting to see what develops.

Remixes for “Flatline” were created by Seamus Haji, MNEK, MJ Cole, Jamie Reynolds, Rossie Sure, Argonaut, and Chris Needham. The debut video was filmed at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. Check it out below, and leave your comments.


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