The Moment I Found Da Buzz


Of no relation to my blog, Da Buzz is a euro dance music group from Sweden. The group consists of members Per Lidén and Annika Thörnquist, and along with former member Pier Schmid, the group has been making great dance music since 1999, and I have been a fan since the very beginning.

What I love about Da Buzz is that they have always stayed true to their original sound, and their music never disappoints. Annika’s beautiful voice is always outstanding, and unmistakeably recognizable in the EDM community. She and producer Per always deliver pop dance perfection on every track. In fact, I would have to say that I haven’t met a single Da Buzz song that I haven’t liked. All of their songs could be club hits. Moreover, some of their biggest hits include “Let Me Love You,” “Wanna Be With Me,” “Alive,” “Tonight (Is The Night),” and “Baby Listen To Me.”

To my surprise, I recently found out that they have released two brand new singles this year. One of them is called “The Moment I Found You,” and the moment I heard it I was ecstatic. The second new single is called “Bring Back The Summer,” and it’s official music video was actually just released two weeks ago. Having a double dose of new Da Buzz tunes leads me to believe that a new studio album is in the near future, and according to the group’s official Twitter account, they are currently in the studio making more new music. Wishes do come true!

Be sure to follow this awesome group on social media outlets such as Twitter at, and Facebook at Also check out the official music video for “The Moment I Found You” below.


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