Some Crazy Love For My Crazy Girlfriend

The four members of My Crazy Girlfriend were friends and individual musicians with a music career, before deciding to work together as a group. MCG consists of twin brothers, Bennett and Justyn Armstrong, along with two lady friends, Myah Marie and Cosmo. The four actually lived together in an apartment in Hollywood, California, directly across from the record company called Capitol Records. Ironically enough, they were signed with Capitol Records in late 2013, and then released their first single “Go F**k Yourself.” The song reached #1 on the Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart in February, and the group has already released their sophomore hit “Crazy Stupid Love.”

Reaching number one on the dance chart is no surprise when you have big name DJ’s remixing your hit. Remixes of “Go F**k Yourself” are available by Dave Aude, Richard Vission, Papercha$er, Danny Verde, Ken Loi, and Sven Kirchhof.

Watch the video to the group’s first single below, and leave your comments.


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