Samsaya Sings From The Heart

Norwegian singer Samsaya is making a name for herself in the music industry. She has been writing and recording music for over ten years, but is finally set to release her sophomore full-length album this year. An EP of some of her new songs was just released this year, on July 15th, which coincidentally is my birthday. A sign of good luck and fortune? Of course it is!

I had the absolute pleasure of watching Samsaya and her band perform in Atlanta this week, opening up for international sensation Lily Allen. This was my first time hearing the music of Samsaya, and I was captivated by the sound, the voice, the instruments, and the message. Being in the front row, I took it all in and was having a dance party on the venue floor.

After the show, I was able to meet and greet Samsaya, and even have pictures taken with her and the band. Each and every member was a complete delight to encounter. All were so humble and down-to-earth, that I felt like I was amongst family and friends. Even the guitarist recognized me, saying that he spotted me in the crowd and saw me smiling, having a good time. He was correct. This encounter I will never forget. Amazing people!

Samsaya’s latest single, “Stereotype,” is a message of  love and acceptance, by not complying to the labels and stereotype casting found in the world today. She even paints a heart over her left eye for every performance, to remind herself that it’s more important to see things through the heart, and with an open mind. Take a listen to her inspirational song, and watch the official music video below.


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