Paloma Faith Knows How Love Hurts

The first time I heard the song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” by Paloma Faith, I was mesmerized. That voice was so mesmerizing, I had to know more about her. To my amazement, this British artist has been making headlines in England for the past five years. Luckily, with the advancement of technology, internet radio stations, and social media, I had the privilege of hearing her latest piece of musical magic here in the US.

Even though “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” is not an original dance track, it comes packaged with remixes for those dance music enthusiasts, like myself.  It is presented as a ballad from her third studio album, and was written by one of the biggest songwriters of all time, Diane Warren. Remixes are contributed by Adam Turner, MS MR, and Alan Bennison.

Paloma can also be heard on Sigma’s latest track “Changing,” which is a drum and bass dance track.

Watch the video for “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” below, and leave your comments.


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