Nabiha Is Banging Her Drum


Danish singer Nabiha has had a successful music career in Denmark for the past five years. It wasn’t until 2013, when the remixes of her single “Never Played The Bass” started playing in clubs and on internet radio stations, that she broke into the dance scene internationally. Ever since then, she has found a niche in dance music, having gone straight to number one with her follow-up hit “Mind The Gap.”

Her latest single, “Bang That Drum,” is sure to make an impact on the dance charts as well. Remixers include Seamus Haji, Nick Sheldon, Electrick Village, Gil Sanders, Alexander Brown, Steve Smart, Westfunk, and Matt Jam Lamont.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the music video for “Bang That Drum” to play on YouTube. I get a message that it is unavailable for play in the US. Maybe it will show up in America at a later date. In the meantime, however, the music video for “Never Played The Bass” is available here. So check out her breakout hit video below, and leave your comments.


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