Mia And Dev Serve Up Some Danse

I just found a collaboration between two awesome female dance artists, Mia Martina and Dev. I haven’t heard any new material from either artist in a while, so I was excited to hear about this one. Their latest dance single and video is appropriately called “Danse.” The track has a tropical club beat flavor to it, and the video demonstrates all that sweet fruity goodness as well. In the video, Mia is seen driving a convertible down a busy street at night, chauffeuring a black panther wearing some bling bling. She later meets up with Dev in a nightclub to watch some pole dancing. Things get a little wild at the club, making you feel like you have stepped into some kind of erotic circus trapeze. Not your typical nightclub… well, not mine anyway.

Mia Martina has had a handful of successful dance tracks in the previous years, and this should easily add to her success. As for Dev,  I did not even realize she had released any music since her contribution to another dance collaboration back in 2011, a dance track with Enrique Iglesias. Glad to see them both back in full force.

Watch their video below, and leave your comments.


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