Madison Avenue Gets Remixed for 2014

Remember the track “Don’t Call Me Baby” from the year 1999? If you are saying no, then we can’t be friends. But seriously, if you are under 30 then it might be excusable. Otherwise, take a listen to the original track by Madison Avenue and I guarantee you have heard this one before. The song was epic, in it’s ability to garner stardom with a beat ahead of it’s time, and it was catchy and funny. It went on to hit #1 in several countries, including the US Dance Chart.

Well, here we are, fourteen years later, and the song is getting some brand new remixes. This has helped to reintroduce the track to a younger generation, and Madison Avenue member’s are thrilled that the song has re-emerged into dance clubs everywhere. In fact, the track is currently #1 for a fourth week on the ARIA Australian Club Tracks Chart. Some of the new remixes included in the new release are by DJ’s Motez, Andy Van, Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries, and remix competition winner Filterkat.

The Motez Remix can be found on a new dance compilation titled 21 Years of Vicious. This is a project created in honor of Vicious Recordings’ 21-year anniversary. Vicious Recordings is actually a company that was co-founded by Andy Van, who is also one-half of the duo Madison Avenue. He has put together over 40 tracks for this release, including some bigger hits such as “Star2Fall” by Cabin Crew and  “It’s Too Late” by Dirty South & Evermore, as well as a couple of tracks by Avicii. Interestingly enough, there’s also a brand new Rektchordz Remix of Madison Avenue’s follow up to “Don’t Call Me Baby” on this compilation. The song “Who The Hell Are You” was another winning hit for the group in 2000, hitting #1 in both Australia and the US Dance Chart.

If you want to enjoy the original track, watch the video and take a listen to “Don’t Call Me Baby” below.


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