Let’s Get High With Lana Del Rey

This summer, something amazing happened. I became a hardcore Lana Del Rey fan. I knew that her musical sytle was more mellow and softer than what I usually add to my music playlist. I also knew that she had two hit singles, “Summertime Sadness” and “Young And Beautiful,” that were remixed by Cedric Gervais, whose musical genius I adored. Yet, after some thorough research and remix hunting, I discovered a whole new world of Lana Del Rey music. Turns out that her music is a hot commodity in the dance remix industry.

Lana’s last two albums, Born To Die and Ultraviolence, have been remixed by DJ’s all over the globe. I started going through all of the tracks from both releases, and low and behold I found a remix for every single track. At times, I would have to go through hundreds of remixes just to establish my favorites. Once I collected my favorite remixes to each individual track, I created a Lana music folder to keep them all in. And all summer long, this has been my most played music folder. What I am learning from having her on repeat is that not only does her vocal range sound amazing against an electronic dance beat, but I am fascinated with her writing style, her lyrical prowess, and her ballsy ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude. I suddenly respect this girl, and can’t help but become addicted to LDR.

Some of my favorite mixes of her songs from the past two albums include “Video Games” remixed by Paul Anthony, “Carmen” remixed by Red Sparrow, “Blue Jeans” remixed by Sunset Groove, “National Anthem” remixed by Westfunk and Steve Smart, “Dark Paradise” remixed by Parov Stelar, “Without You” remixed by Kobi Nigreker, “Ride” remixed by NoriZ, “Cola” remixed by ASFUKA, “Body Electric” remixed by Mitch D, “Gods And Monsters” remixed by Club Clique, “West Coast” remixed by The Young Professionals, “Ultraviolence” remixed by Hook N Sling, “Brooklyn Baby” remixed by Richard X, “Black Beauty” remixed by Lakechild, “Cruel World” remixed by Dinasty, “Sad Girl” remixed by Daniel Leon, “Money Power Glory” remixed by Pyrroglaux, “Fucked My Way Up To The Top” remixed by Ghosthaus, “Old Money” remixed by Paul Nex, “Florida Kilos” remixed by Chris Peñas, “Is This Happiness” remixed by Nightlights, and “Flipside” remixed by Illenium.

As I spend the remainder of my summer enjoying all of Lana’s remixed music, I am also introduced to brand new Lana tunes in anticipation of her next studio album release. Her upcoming album, titled Honeymoon, is set for a worldwide release on September 18th. So far, she has teased us with three new tunes, “Honeymoon,” “High By The Beach,” and “Terrence Loves You.” I am looking forward to some fantastic DJ remixes to all of her new tunes, but in the meantime let’s enjoy her latest music video for the first official single, “High By The Beach.” Watch the video below to see Lana kick some major paparazzi ass in typical Lana fashion.



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