Let’s Eat Cake With DNCE

The pop band DNCE released their catchy debut single called “Cake By The Ocean” in the latter part of 2015. Although the song instantly grabbed my attention with the beat, it took me a hot minute to figure out what kind of lyric was “cake by the ocean.” Was this a deep uninhibited soul-spilling story resembling a Lana Del Rey track, or was it something much more simpler? After reading the full song lyrics online, it made much more sense to me. And it just became alot more fun to sing along to.

DNCE consists of members Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle. Joe Jonas, of course, being one of the members of the Jonas Brothers group. His brother, Nick Jonas, has also since started a new career in music as a successful solo artist. Jack Lawless was a former drummer for the Jonas Brothers, as well as the group Ocean Grove. JinJoo Lee also worked with the Jonas Brothers when they were on tour. She also worked with CeeLo Green, JoJo, and Charlie XCX. Cole Whittle was a former bass player for the band Semi Precious Weapons. Together, these four members create some sweet cake!

The original track may have you dancing by the ocean, but check out the remixes by Riddler, Jump Smokers, and Danny Dove for some added beats. Check out the fun music video below.



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