Kelis Serves Up A Whole New Dish

Kelis is finally out of the kitchen, and ready to feed her fans some brand new music. Her latest album, Food, was just released this week. It includes the first single, “Jerk Ribs,” that was served almost a year ago. So needless to say, she has been busy cooking up some new recipes that will either make you hungry for more, or make you want to go on a diet.

Kelis may not be a conventional dance artist, but she has been known to toy with electronic music in the past, so I’m always keeping her on my radar. With her latest effort, she digs deeper into her soul and funk roots, experimenting with horns and organs. Some of the tracks are certainly funky enough to make me want to dance, such as “Friday Fish Fry” and “Cobbler,” but the majority of the album is midtempo and downtempo, including several ballads that really showcase her voice.

A second single has just been released from Food, called “Rumble.” This is one of those midtempo songs, but there is already a Breach Remix of the track that is dance and bass heavy. So for all of you dance music fans, that should put a rumble in your tummy.  A music video also accompanies the new single. Check it out below, and leave your comments.

I’ve gotta get going… I’m hungry.


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