Just Jack Is Winning With His New EP

English singer Just Jack is back with a new EP calling Winning. It is the follow up to his 2012 EP, Rough/Ready. Winning is more in tune with his earlier full-length albums, having a nice electronic and indie pop music sound. I would call this EP a “winner” for us Just Jack fans! The only downside is there is only four tracks.

I am hoping there will be a single or two released from this EP, allowing DJ’s to have their way with him and give us some new remixes. Some of my favorite songs and remixes by Just Jack include “Starz In Their Eyes,” the Seamus Haji Remix of “Writer’s Block,” the Wideboys Remix of “No Time,” and the Bimbo Jones Remix of “Embers.”

Glad to have you back JJ! I’m crossing my fingers that a full-length album will be in the works after this little treasure. But this is certainly a delicious appetizer to hold us over until the main course is delivered.


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