Jennifer Lopez Introduces Her First Love

Jennifer Lopez has a real hit on her hands, with the release of “First Love.” The song is an uptempo track with a catchy chorus that instantly grabs you, and has you singing along. She first performed this one on the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, where she was also presented with the 2014 Icon Award.

“First Love” is the second release from her upcoming album, A.K.A. The album’s first single, “I Luh Ya Papi,” was a mediocre hit across the board, but I think her latest will help push the album debut into a higher rank on the album charts.

Remixes from various DJ’s have been released to help send love to the dancefloor. These DJ’s include Alessio Silvestro, Syn Cole, Reid Stefan, Craig Welsh, and Dirty Pop.

The video for “First Love” is a sexy playful black-and-white video, featuring J-Lo and a British model named David Gandy embracing in the California desert. The video actually reminds me of the classic Janet Jackson video for “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” in which Janet playfully sings and flirts with American model Antonio Sabàto, Jr. I see lots of similarities. See for yourself, and watch the video below.


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