Garek Takes E.T. To Another Planet


American singer Garek is making headlines with his remake of Katy Perry’s number one hit “E.T.” New to the music scene, and going by just one name, Garek has a unique and addictive sound that is fun and edgy. He has been compared to Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Garbage, with his electro-infused industrial rock.

Although I didn’t discover this talented musician until I heard a remix of “E.T.” on a site for new artists, Garek had a previous single that was just an enchanting. His debut single “Save The Queen” was recognized for it’s distinctive sound and clever lyrics. The accompanying video helps present Garek as a genius magical product that is glam and nostalgic. This all intrigues me enough to want to put his music on repeat, and beg for more.

Remixes are available for both singles. “Save The Queen” was remixed by Jess Marquis, and “E.T.” has remixes available by Abe Clements and Vito Fun & SpacePlant.

I’m going to be keeping an eye on this guy, and wishing him tons of success in the music industry. You can watch him on social media channels such as Facebook at, Twitter at, and Instagram at His official website is found at

Listen to his interpretation of “E.T.” and watch the mesmerizing video below.


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