Flying Kites With Gravitonas


Upon the revival of Army of Lovers’ classic hit “Crucified,” I have discovered a nice little treasure. I always loved the Army of Lovers tune back in the day, and when I heard it had been remixed and re-released for 2013, I was super excited. So I searched on the web to see if a new video would be accompanying the re-release, and in doing so I discovered that a founding member of the Army of Lovers band has actually been making music for the past few years under the name Gravitonas.

Gravitonas features the singer/producer Alexander Bard from Army of Lovers, and a younger male vocalist by the name of Andreas Öhr. In a recent interview with Andreas, he described Gravitonas as being ‘a dramatic, dangerous and danceable mixture of guitars, beats and electronica.’ He also said that they like to experiment with different looks, styles and sounds, adding that we’ll always recognize Gravitonas but never get bored of them. Now that’s what I like to hear!

Originally from Sweden, Gravitonas released their debut single and video for the song “Kites” in April 2010. The song reached the Top 10 of the Swedish Dance Chart, and was packaged with a number of various remixes. The Soundfactory Remix was actually used for their debut music video.

Watch the video below and leave your comments.


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