Fade Into the Mysterious World of ZHU

EDM musician ZHU is making an impact across the globe with his debut single called “Faded.” It is the first single to be released from his debut EP “Nightday.”

ZHU may be new to the scene, but he’s still insisting on remaining anonymous in the industry. Insiders have speculated that the musician behind ZHU is actually Steven “Esteban” Zhu. Until he reveals his actual identity to the world, he has asked to be judged by his music alone. And if I do say so myself, his music is incredible.

He was previously included on a track with Cassie Cardelle called “Radar,” released in early 2013. He also produced a mashup of several Outkast songs this year, calling it “Moves Like Ms. Jackson.”

His single “Faded” has been remixed by many different DJ’s, including ODESZA, The Magician, Amtrac, Lido, TÂCHES, Dzeko & Torres, and Steve James.  Check out the official music video for the original version below.




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