Example Wins With Kids Again


One of my favorite artists, Example, wins again with “Kids Again.” He has just released another single from his upcoming album Live Life Living, and this is another sure-fire winner. Example always delivers top notch euro dance music, so to be enthralled with another chorus-catchy and body-shaking creation is no surprise. Several remixes of his latest single are available via digital download (in select areas of course). Some of the remixes include the MOTi Remix, Zed Bias Remix, Dimension Remix, Critikal ‘Ibiza Sunset’ Remix, and the Critikal ‘Miami Sunrise’ Remix.

Being a British musician, he makes headlines in both the UK and Australia. I’m hoping his success will carry over into the US soon enough. His talent and voice are incomparable to anyone here. That is why I was first in line to buy tickets when he announced his first US tour late last year. But he later had to cancel that leg of the tour in order to complete his next album on time. I’m sure it will be an amazing piece of work, so I hold no resentment for the cancellation. In fact, I admire his dedication to his work, and I am looking forward to that moment when he finally loses his US tour virginity.

I met another OMG moment earlier this year when I saw a casting call in Miami for extras to be in Example’s latest music video. It was, of course, for the “Kids Again” video. Not living in Miami, and having other obligations the day of filming, it took alot of strength not to jump in the car and drive south just for the opportunity to meet Example and be a part of the video. It was still a pleasure just to see that his US fans were offered an opportunity to be a part of his legacy.

To further express my admiration, Example actually listens and interacts with his fans via social media. I personally have interacted with him on Twitter, and it was one of the highlights of my year. Thank you Example for being such a good “example” to all musicians everywhere. Never change.

Watch the video for the MOTi Remix of his latest single below and leave your comments.


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3 Responses

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  2. Shannon says:

    Love his collaboration on PSB new album Electric! Really adds a lot to the song!! Thank you for expanding my musical knowledge! With knowledge comes power you know!!

  3. Stephen says:

    His talent and his music are unique and amazing. I can and have listened to his music over and over and I never get tired of hearing it. I’m looking forward to his US tour!

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