Cher Walks Alone To The Dancefloor

Cher’s latest single, “I Walk Alone,” is a country-inspired tune that generates a unique pop and dance vibe. The vocals are some of Cher’s best in recent years. If you listen closely, you can feel the energy in her voice. This is by far one of my favorite Cher tracks!

Cher is currently on her Dressed To Kill Tour, but this track has yet to be added to the set list. However, the track had generated lots of buzz over the past year when Cher had tweeted about working with pop artist Pink while recording the new album. This is one of the tracks written by Pink, and she also provides backing vocals on the track.

“I Walk Alone” is already climbing the Billboard Dance Club Play chart and expected to reach number one in the coming weeks. It will be no surprise if it takes the top spot, considering the song has been delivered to a large number of DJ’s who have released a total of over 40 remixes to date. This is the largest amount of official remixes for any Cher song ever released. Some of the DJ’s who worked on this heavy remix list include Tracy Young, 7th Heaven, Thin Red Men, Chris Young, Funk Generation H3d Rush, JRMX, Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado, Guy Scheiman, DJ Laszlo, Morlando, Dan Slater, NovoGain, Matt Consola & LFB, Casey Alva, Dirty Pop, IKON, Toy Armada & DJ GRIND, DJ Yiannis, Joe T Vannelli, Edson Pride, and Simone Bresciani.

To hear the original version, listen to the audio track below, and leave your comments.


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