Celebrate Your Birthday With Katy Perry


If you caught the 2014 Billboard Music Awards over the weekend, you probably saw Katy Perry perform her latest single, “Birthday.” The song is yet another fun and catchy radio-charged single from her album Prism.

Keeping with her trend to release eye-popping music videos, this one is no exception. The video follows in the footsteps of MTV’s Jackass reality series by pranking everyone involved. Katy actually disguises herself in several costumes to hide her true identity, and take on the characters of unique individuals hired to work at various birthday parties. Watching her portray these unassuming characters is quite entertaining and comical. It’s definitely a must-see.

Remixes to “Birthday” are in abundance. You will find many big-name DJ’s putting their own spin on the track, including Mike Rizzo, Cash Cash, MOTi, Johnson Somerset, Mark Picchiotti, Craig J, Octava, Le Youth, Timmy Loop, Funk3d, and Craig Welsh.

Check out the unforgettable music video below, and leave your comments.

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