Brand New Kylie Charity Single


Kylie Minogue may be busy promoting her brand new album Kiss Me Once, but she already has a new non-album single set for release in May. The song is called “Crystallize,” and it is classic Kylie with a groovy dance beat.

Kylie, who is a breast cancer survivor, is a big supporter of the campaign ‘One Note Against Cancer,’ and she has recorded a new song for the charity. The song is called “Crystallize,” and she released a snippet of the new tune on social media outlets today. I’m happy to support the cause, as she is using the song to help raise money for cancer research, and the idea is different from anything I’ve ever contributed to.

The concept behind “Crystallize” is really cool and unique. It allows fans to buy a single note, from over 4,408 notes found in the song. If you go over to the ‘One Note Against Cancer’ website, you will see an interactive page with every single note, from bass guitar to tambourine, drums, piano, and even notes sung by Kylie herself. You can scroll over, and click on, each individual note to listen to it and see what the current bid is for that particular note. Once you decide which note to bid on, click on the bid link to be redirected to the eBay site where each note is listed as a separate auction. From there, all you do is place a bid using your eBay account information. It’s as simple as that.

So what do you win, you might ask? Here’s where it gets even cooler. Winners will get a copy of the single, have their names included in the song’s upcoming video credits, a certificate of ownership of the note that was won, and the satisfaction of knowing they helped a great cause. How cool is that!

Once all donations are collected through the auctions, and once all of the winning bidders have received their prizes, their is a second phase of the campaign that will be launched. This is where the song “Crystallize” will actually go on sale to the public, and all of the profits generated will be donated to APREC. What a great cause!

Word has it that Kylie recorded this song specifically for the charity, but I can’t help but think this might have been another Kiss Me Once studio recording that just didn’t make the final cut. This is the third song already to be released that is not found on Kiss Me Once. First, there was “Sparks,” issued as the B-side to “Into The Blue.” Then came “Golden Boy,” which was released on vinyl April 20th, for National Record Store Day. All three are great dance cuts that would have been a nice addition to the new album.

Now, go make your donation and add another excellent Kylie track to your playlist!

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2 Responses

  1. John says:

    Kylie is a trendsetter!

  2. Shannnon says:

    Wow!!! That is a very great cause and and a very unique way of getting donations! I love that concept! Yes, Kylie truly is a butterfly!!

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