Bissen And Tiff Lacey Collaboration

I just recently heard the new single “Don’t Walk Away” by Bissen, featuring vocals by Tiff Lacey. Once I heard the track, and then saw Tiff’s name on the record, I became very interested. Nothing against Bissen, I just haven’t encountered his name on anything I am familiar with at this point. But low and behold, after reading his bio and seeing how much he has contributed to the euro trance and dance music scene, I am surprised I haven’t come across any of his work sooner. So today, I am officially a new fan.

Tiff Lacey is a name I recognize from alot of dance music collaborations, most notably ATB. She sang on quite a few tracks that are featured on several of ATB’s earlier albums. She has also worked with music producers Matt Darey, Headstrong, Vierro, and many many others. Amazingly enough, she has sang on over 160 collaborations to date. In fact, she is the singer with the highest number of officially released collaborations within the EDM genre so far. This is probably why she has been dubbed as the “Lady of Trance.”

Bissen, born in Germany, is just now making waves on mainstream dance radio airwaves. Had it not been for internet radio, and the various EDM online dance stations, I may not have discovered him when I did. He has his own two-hour radio show, called “Tranceatlantic,” that plays once a week on Slinky FM and Danceradio. His music has been featured on some of the biggest EDM labels, including A State of Trance, Enhanced, Euphonic, Discover, Perfecto, and Boxer. Aside from producing his own music, he has also remixed songs for many artists that include Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode, Black Eyed Peas, and Audio Playground.

Take a listen to the Extended Club Mix of his latest track below, and leave your comments.


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