Beyonce Tells Us How Much Pretty Hurts

Beyonce’s latest single is about the struggles of being stereotyped and judged for how one looks. The song, “Pretty Hurts,” was originally written by Australian artist Sia, and then sent to Katy Perry and Rihanna, neither of which recorded it. It was later sent to Beyonce, who instantly felt a connection with it. So Beyonce, along with Ammo, added some additional lyrics and recorded the song for her self-titled album, Beyonce.

Giving the mid-tempo treasure a boost in energy, DJ’s remixed the track, adding another dance song to her collection of club hits. Remixers for “Pretty Hurts” include Tracy Young, Country Club Martini Crew, R3hab, Tom Stephan, and I Am A Camera.

Check out the official music video below, which features Beyonce competing in a beauty pagent.


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