ATB Releases Contact

One of my favorite DJ’s has just released his ninth studio album, Contact. ATB, who released his first album 15 years ago, has released another two-disc album of all new material. Disc one contains his standard vocal-guest tracks, and the second disc is his trademark ambiance of softer dub-like material. If you opted with the special box set, then you will find a third disc which includes remixes of some new tracks along with some live performances, as well as a behind the scenes video from his US Tour.

Vocal guests include Tiff Lacey, Jansoon, Sean Ryan, JES, York, Boss and Swan, Stanfour, Taylr, and Vanessa. He has worked with Tiff Lacey, Jansoon, and Sean Ryan on previous efforts, and fans are already familiar with JES, who is a well known musician and DJ in the dance genre.

If you are a fan of his previous work, then you will certainly enjoy his latest collection. This is definitely a good addition, and I’m looking forward to hearing some of these tracks on the radio.

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