Ariana And The Rose Are In Your Bed

Indie pop singer Ariana DiLorenzo has put together her own band, Ariana & The Rose. So far, they have released two singles, “Heartbeat” and “In Your Bed.” Both are mid-tempo tracks, each with it’s own unique sound. The breathy soft young voice of Ariana captures you and holds you tight in a safe familiar place, a place as warm and cozy as your own bed.

The first single, “Heartbeat,” was released with a collection of remixes by Soul Seekerz, Shapeshifters, Serge Devant, Jodie Harsh, Cloud, and No Ceremony. Meanwhile, the follow up single, “In Your Bed,” features remixes by other big name DJ’s, such as Digital Dog, Kevin Drew, Project 46, and Oliver Nelson.

Ariana & The Rose can be found on various social media platforms. Like them on Facebook at, follow them on Twitter at, and visit their personal website at

Listen to this incredible band, and instantly fall in love with Ariana. Check out the video for “In Your Bed” below, and leave your comments.

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