A Special Melissa Etheridge Remix

If you remember watching the ball drop on New Years Eve at Times Square in New York, you may have caught a brief snippet of Melissa Etheridge performing her latest single on stage. Her song, “Uprising of Love,” was written in regards to the violence faced by the LGBT community in Russia. Many artists and celebrities have taken stance alongside Etheridge in support of the Uprising of Love coalition.  The coalition was founded by Melissa Etheridge and her partner Linda Wallem, along with Dustin Lance Black, Bruce Cohen and Greg Propper. Others who have already vocalized support for the cause include Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, James Franco, Edward Norton, Jim Parsons, Julianne Moore, Chris Colfer, Sean Hayes, and many more.

Even though Etheridge is not a name that would normally be linked to dance music, I felt this was an inspirational piece that needed some eager attention. However, I did come across a club remix that was constructed by DJ Producers Bent Collective, made up of Danny Verde and Steven Redant. Both gentlemen felt a connection towards the cause when they witnessed the harassment firsthand, while playing a live gig in Russia.

The song has been released worldwide, with all proceeds from sales going towards the Russia Freedom Fund, which is one of the only ways to make immediate and direct financial contributions to LGBT activists in Russia.

Listen to the Bent Collective Club Mix of “Uprising of Love” below and leave your comments.



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